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To what extent are men and women equal in other aspects of their lives?

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´╗┐To what extent are men and women equal in other aspects of their lives? There are many aspects within society today were women and men are treated equally theses are included within education as both men and women have right to be educated and also have the right to work as gender discrimination is illegal within the UK, although gender discrimination is illegal within the UK there are many aspects still within a women?s life were they are not treated equally these are included in the following aspects; family, education and work. Women have been bought to think that they are responsible for taking care of the housework and the children this is due to gender socialisation as for an early age girls have been encouraged to play with toy cookery sets and ...read more.


Although boys and girls have equal right to education, girls are encouraged to take more artistic subjects whereas boys are encouraged to take more science and business oriented subjects this shows that we are encouraged to do what is thought to be best for our sex in addition to this teachers have been socialized into gender roles to, as they give boys more encouragement as they expect them to grow up and become the main breadwinner also school books show traditional roles of men and women, gender inequalities are reinforced however changes in the opportunities available to women in society has meant that teachers are now aware of gender stereotypes and girls have now over taken boys in education achievement. ...read more.


makes women feel uncomfortable at work and are afraid to speak up for themselves as they have not been socialised to think that they can also become breadwinners. Careers are also interrupted because of child bearing and rearing this is also because of lack of good childcare also this stops women from getting promotions to higher jobs. The extant that men and women are equal in other aspects of there lives is difficult to conclude men and women are becoming equal due to the changes in education and work however women are still the subject to gender socialisation and a male dominated society this means that there is still inequality especially within the role of the women plays in the family and this places a double burden upon women. Nadira Patel - - 13/09/2008 ...read more.

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