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Transformations key institutions of U.K society over the last 50 years, particularly as witness in the free key social institutions of family, work, and welfare. Society went to a great change through social movements in 1960 that indicated to give new vo

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social identity and Transformations in U.K Social identity is acquired at a very young age, but it is during adolescence that this identity, with its beliefs and stereotypes, becomes a major force in the lives of young men and women. Family, peers, work, genetics, as well as cultural norms influence social identity. Although as individual we take up identity actively, those identities are the product of society in which we live in, our relation with others. Transformations key institutions of U.K society over the last 50 years, particularly as witness in the free key social institutions of family, work, and welfare. Society went to a great change through social movements in 1960 that indicated to give new voice to new identities. For example, the women movements which demanded equality with men in benefits, pension, and to have nursery and day care centers available for working mothers in order to do their job perfectly . In the first part of my essay, I will be talking about how UK men identity changed in 1950 till the present time, and how their social identities are formed through society, family, and institution. ...read more.


Part time jobs were never heard off before for women in the 1950, women were forced to work full time, were paid less, less recognition, less support from the labor, and looked down. Never the less with the great shift of the world and the women's movements and the demand for better work environment. Women's role in society generally, has completely changed during the period time. Women were able to open day care center that took the load from their back by putting their children in day care centers and nursery. Women were free to seek better training, education, jobs, pension, and recognition from the employee .As a result, women started working part time jobs, as women earn 70 % less of men earnings, this made them more attractive prospect for some employee, whom searched to have flexible part time jobs, due to this women were encourage to inter labor market, be financially independent, and some times be self - employed which was never heard of in 1950. Work transformations In 1950 about one in three women participated in the labor force. By 1998, nearly three of every five women of working age were in the labor force. ...read more.


All people living within the fixed boundaries off and nation - state and under it's uniform rule constitute a single community of fate, bound together in a common destiny by allegiance to single set of state institutions. the nation concept was redefined. those ideas spread over the world quickly and successfully. Between 1928 and 1960 the Scottish Nationalism party (SNP) was the dominant power. This party gave opportunity for economic and political changes, specially for the new and young generations. The SNP was a real challenge to the dominant labor's party in Scotland. This impact of changes in Scotland are not separated from changes in Ireland , Wales and Europe . The centrality and certainties of Britishness have been challenged, alternative identities of some of it's earlier power and coherence. Uncertainties about Britishness are forcing the English to rediscover and redefine themselves. The dominant social and cultural component of the early British nation was the English aristocracy. In conclusion, there is a lot of transformation in social structure and social identity greatly since the golden age till the present time, flexibility is always needed to be able to have corporative social identity that melts with community and not stand in the shadow of life . ...read more.

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