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Types of Family.

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Types of Family Tom Platts 1. What is a nuclear family? A nuclear family consists of a unit, which has an adult male and female with their dependant offspring. In common terms this means that there are direct relations such as parents, brothers and sisters. However, if the two adults don't have children it therefore means that they are not part of a nuclear family, they are just part of a household. They must also be related by blood, marriage or adoption to qualify as a nuclear family. The family is based on the concept of monogamy, which in our society is built into the Christian moral code and is supported by our judicial system in England. It is illegal in our society for bigamy to take place. 2. ...read more.


They are also about how they influence others within their group relationships. Socialisation and Social Placement 1. What is Socialisation? Socialisation is a lifelong experience in which we learn values. When in the family, it is named primary socialisation where children learn the basic rules of behaviour, norms and beliefs. These include general politeness, table manners, reading etc... Later on follows secondary socialisation, which reinforces the norms of living but in a more mature way. We also learn appropriate patterns of behaviour in specific social situations 2.Why is socialisation important? Socialisation is important to maintain the rules of society and learn how to cope with day-to-day life and other people. ...read more.


Firstly, the media has a profound impact on our society. This institution is booming after the effects that it has on us, whether it is a positive impact, or, usually negative and gives people a bad name. As the media industry has increased, sports have been growing in popularity by the means of television, and sports have been encouraged to be played at an earlier age. Secondly, the government has changed hands from Conservative to Labour. This has had many effects on the way in which we live like transport systems, tuition fees, scholarships/assisted places etc... But, not all of our ways of day-to-day life has changed though. For instance, some of today's clothing fashions were popular a generation ago. Also, there are still exams, but more of them. There are different subjects to be taught and more people being admitted to universities. ...read more.

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