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Using your knowledge assess explanations of gender and ethnic inequalities in health chances, Write about the health chances for the different situations within society.

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Samina Iqbal 12A * Using your knowledge assess explanations of gender and ethnic inequalities in HEALTH CHANCES * Write about the health chances for the different situations within society. Health Chances- Can be defined as the likelihood and possibility for an individual to become ill or unwell in view of his/hers overall health and well-being also considering the affect on an individual in view of the different situations within society. Health Chances is sometimes overlooked in view of the different situations within society. It can be said firmly that both gender and ethnicity unfortunately create inequalities in health chances within society. Health Chances clearly vary in these two situations and as a result have caused problems within society. Statistics in Gender inequality in health clearly show a high percentage for women in both Morbidity and Mortality Firstly, gender results to inequalities in health chances due to various factors and situations within society. ...read more.


Furthermore, Women in society generally tend to occupy jobs such; working in the home, the NHS & social services which are generally not highly paid occupations and the fact that these jobs are a lot more stressful, and according to feminism sociologists they are unrecognised and always undervalued. Moreover, there are obviously differences in the health experiences of men and women that can be attributed to biology, particularly those concerned with reproduction. Hormonal differences can account for some variation in the occurrence of particular illnesses e.g. higher rate of heart disease amongst men before the age of 50 can partly be accounted for by the lack of protection provided by the hormone oestrogen. Genetic and biological research points to certain gender to being more prone to certain illnesses and diseases. Women suffer from certain sorts of health problems because of their distinctive biology e.g. pregnancy and childbirth, contraception and abortion, menstruation and menopause, breast and cervical cancer. ...read more.


Although the materialist argument is more successful than either the genetic or cultural approaches in explaining health differences between ethnic groups it still fails to adequately explain why they should be so particularly disadvantaged. For example when comparing black and white sharing the same social class position black people are more vulnerable to unemployment. Racism in the private and public housing markets has also been shown to compound inequalities generated by social class. Racism, therefore, is further constraint on the access to conditions of life are more conductive to good health. Also racism may be a reason for a higher death/violence rate in the ethnic minority groups. However, the likelihood of contribution of racism to ill health is complex and varied. Although, high rates of unemployment, redundancy, excessive shift work, compulsion over time and un-social working hours are some issues within the ethnic minority society which contribute to the overall of affect health chances. Finally, both gender and ethnicity create inequalities in health chances within society, as discussed. Some of which can be regarded as acceptable i.e. unavoidable, whilst others can be clearly acknowledged as discriminating, etc. ...read more.

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