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What Are The Rules Again?

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Amanda Ross Anne Szopa Sociology of the Family 9-5-01 What Are The Rules Again? A green light means to go. A yellow light means to slow down. A red light means to stop. These are rules American society can recognize and relate to with some sort of confidence. There might be some dispute on the yellow light, but overall we know what we are supposed to do. What are the basic rules of how to have a happy family and raise productive children comfortably? Some would say to look back to the past for these answers, more specifically, the family of the nineteen fifties. The good old times when families were happy, children were respectful to their parents, and a man could support his family. Not all of this can hold water. The nineteen fifties were seen as the "familistic generation" for the younger marriages, less divorce, and these couples had many, many babies. ...read more.


They were able to play out what they thought to be a middle class lifestyle. The working class could now afford to by a home, subsidized housing, and have luxuries that they couldn't afford before. Mothers could stay at home with their children. The idea of the family with the male provider, female homemaker, and children staying at home and going to school was first seen in the nineteen twenties. Before this, there was child labor and many economic concerns. The new ideal dissolved when the Great Depression hit at the beginning of nineteen thirty. People were scared and upset. Violence in families went up and families took a great hit. They were ripped apart and they had to go to find work. World War II managed to bandage the economy and families were again desired, but not everyone was quick to return to this way of living. ...read more.


I can see no quick fix to families, not that they even need intervention. The nineteen fifties was not the time of beautiful families, but rather groups in seclusion and fit into tight roles. If people want to go back to the family of the nineteen fifties, they would have to take everything that came with it, the unfeeling father, the happy obeying housewife, and rigidly monitored children who were not related to. Another thing to think about when assuming that if we could just live like they did and everything would fix itself is that the economic situation would have to improve. Families today cannot support a family of four with one income. The working class family was thought to know all the rules to having a wonderful family, but there is no perfect recipe for the ideal family. A dash of money and a pinch of middle class living moved this lifestyle in and when the cake cooled, not everyone wanted a piece. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ross 1 ...read more.

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