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What Are You Doing With the Rest of Your Life?

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"Men and women approaching retirement age should be recycled for public service work, and their companies should foot the bill. We can no longer afford to scrap-pile people." Maggie Kuhn. Elderly citizens can no longer be found within the community. Instead, they are herded into retirement communities, "homes," or to God's waiting room-Florida. There they will remain, engulfed by depression and loneliness that plagues two out of three senior citizens in retirement communities. Some may adapt, and even flourish in the company of others in their age bracket, but the large majority feel isolated and are without hope. Not only are the elderly being cruelly abandoned, but the children of this generation, are having to muddle through their own lives without the benefit of their experience. A great natural resource is being wasted in letting this happen, for senior citizens possess a wealth of insight and experience that the children of today should be the beneficiaries of. ntro, why i was interested in this group, their communitiy, conflicts, soultions, conclusion A sukkah, a traditional Far Eastern hut, is fragile and perhaps even a bit flimsy. In a good sukkah, the walls shake a little when the wind blows, and the twinkling stars can be seen through the spaces between the firmly placed tree branches that hold up the roof. ...read more.


The people of this mystery community find themselves bound together by a common circumstance, their age. They are the elderly, the nation's older citizens, Americans 65 or older, and they are all a part of the senior citizen community (A Profile of Older Americans). And, they are multiplying. Because projected life expectancy continues to rise with every new medical discovery, more men and women are living long enough to become senior citizens. Amalgamated together by more than a common age bracket, this community has watched the world change around them and in doing so -- have become dangerously isolated from society. What epitomizes a senior citizen, what defines them as a member of the elderly community? One commonality amongst the older generation is that they are all experiencing a rite of passage, much like they did when they graduated high school. Retiring oftentimes constitutes a change in identity and a shift in focus. When asked the question: "Who are you?," in a survey, eight out of ten middle aged men will reply with a career (Random Senior Facts). "I'm a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker." When retired men were asked the same question the answers were somewhat different. ...read more.


These concerns are not yet insurmountable problems, but if nothing is done the elderly will continue to become more out of touch and isolated from the outside world. Since everyone of us will someday begin to repeat ourselves, quit our jobs, become out of date, begin to repeat ourselves, and in short become members of this community, it is vital that we take an interest in it. It is our future, and if we allow the elderly to remain isolated and out of touch with the rest of the world, we can assure ourselves, we too will suffer from the loneliness they do. Perhaps if we do nothing now, when we begin to feel the world as we know it is changing and we see in ourselves the emergence of some of those traits which classify one as old, we will take it upon ourselves to change. We must then strive to reintegrate the senior citizens, to make them a part of our daily routine. They are needed and vital to our growth as a society, and we must not let out most valuable natural resource go to waste. how isolation leads to loneliness and children don't have the benefit of thir experience and i also want to talk about how the grandparents roles have changed since the 40's or so ...read more.

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