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What do you consider to be the main causes of social conflict in Britain's Cities in the last ten years?

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What do you consider to be the main causes of social conflict in Britain's Cities in the last ten years? Introduction -Briefly state the aims of the essay -The areas that are to be discussed in each section of the essay. ie -Introduce social conflict by explaining exactly what it is Anti-social behaviour e.g, theft, drugs, riots, attacks, demonstrations, strikes, hooliganism, vandalism. -The main focus of the essay will discuss the causes behind the riots in British Cities in the last ten years as it is easier to measure whereas crime for example is ongoing. -Discuss these using case studies -Conclude by suggesting changes that will have to come about if social conflict is to end or be reduced. -Facts and figures- There have been 13 recorded riots between 1991 and 1992. The police temporarily lost control over the violence; They all occurred in council estates outside London in low-income areas with long standing social probs. Unemployment levels were far above the national average. ...read more.


Most of the govn resources went on buildings and not on creating jobs, infrastructure etc, which helps in the short-term in raising the quality of life experienced by these communities, but there is no help there for them to sustain their own quality of life in the long-term, independent from the govn. (tunstall px) "most externally funded programmes were driven by outside constraints and did very little to change the prospects for young men and their role in society.(Tunstall px) -Welfare is a bare minimum and a low quality of life is therefore maintained. They then turn to crime as a means of survival which demonstrates a way of life to the kid who then grow up and participate themselves in crime. * Social -Poor quality of life, poor housing conditions, poor services, little Wealth contribute to the unhappiness. - Family breakdown, failure to provide for family means they receive little respect and self worth, large numbers living in small spaces leading to overcrowdiness which raises tensions, conflict between parents and children, all of which increase pressure and frustration. ...read more.


If have time I will do a -Brief comparison of the causes of the riots of the 80's with those in the 90's. See if the same causes are still behind todays riots. Conclusion -Vicious circle one thing leads to the next repeatedly going round. Born into poor society shown how to get by, poor education, poor life prospects, will most prob stay on estate have own family and carry the circle on. -Needs to be stopped as consequences of riots- injuries, death, waste of money and resources, expensive -but never punished they worked as they were given better things as a result of riots. -The future of social conflict. Need stability. Find a way to listen to the young people. Mix of popn, older households to provide community constraints Mix of incomes to provide role models to aspire to Improvements in education and training Work opportunities with strong links to the wider economy Support for resident groups Activities to relieve boredom Mobilization of support for community development Support for parenting and families Improvement in services Increased security. Answer the question stating main causes of social conflict in Brotish Cities in last decade. ...read more.

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