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What effects did this prosperity have on the way of life of different groups in US society

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What effects did this prosperity have on the way of life of different groups in US society? - The prosperity of 1945 to 1963 did not reach all Americans, blacks were largely excluded from prosperity, 30 percent of the black population remained bellow the poverty line. As white prosperity increased so did the alienation of blacks from social equality. It reached a point where blacks weren't allowed to buy the new suburban housing in California. The prosperity turned against the black sharecroppers as well, the invention of the more efficient mechanical cotton picker, which could do the work of fifty men in 1944, meant that thousands of black sharecroppers and farm labourers lost their jobs and only source of income. In desperation the black families left their homes in the Mississippi Delta in search for better jobs, higher wages, decent housing, and greater social equality. This sparked of the second Great Black Migration, this was much larger than the first, and its social consequences were much more dramatic. ...read more.


Angry whites attacked blacks that dared move into their neighbourhoods. For several nights during 1951, a white mob in a Chicago suburb assaulted a building into which a black family had moved. The National Guard had to stop the disturbance and disperse the crowd. Chicago tried to cope with this problem by building Black Public Housing Schemes, which would also increase the building economy of Chicago drastically. These however were essentially overcrowded racial enclaves or segregated prisons. Black Americans were not the only people to have had a bad time during the American prosperity years; Orientals also had a bad time especially the Japanese were forced to live their lives in fear because of the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Many Americans even some blacks hated the 'Japs'; some people went out of their way to make sure that they realised it. One Californian barbershop offered 'free shaves for Japs' but noted that it was 'not responsible for accidents.' ...read more.


Many regarded her as the founder of the modern Feminist movement. Women argued that 'women, as well as men can only find their identity in work that uses their full capacities. A woman cannot find her identity in the dull routine of housework.' This book came as a revelation to many American housewives. In 1963 the campaign of Civil Rights was making real progress, and this began to overlap with the women's problems. The call came to ban the discrimination on gender and race. In 1961 President Kennedy appointed Eleanor Roosevelt as chair of the Presidential Commission on the status of women. In 1963 the commission reported and showed the problems that the women were talking about, in 1960 only 5 percent of the nations managers were women, and only 12 percent of professions and technical workers were women. In the 1960s a woman in the same job as a man earned on average 59 percent less than the man. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantied equal rights for all minorities as well as women. ...read more.

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