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What is diversity and how does it affect us?

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´╗┐Diversity I believe diversity is everyone, and everything. No two people are alike; no two substances in this world could be identical, no matter how close they may look. We have different cultures in every facet of life, and even in those cultures we have differentiating views and beliefs. Diversity to me means something more than just different people, its sets us apart, gives us our own identity, and we are all equal but not the same. Diversity is the sense that no matter where you come from, who you are, or what your background is, there is a place for you. Diversity is also part of the foundation of humanity. To be a human being is to be diverse and vice versa. Diversity is everywhere and especially plays a role in humanity, which every single human being is different in every single aspect both physically and mentally. True diversity is a variety of personalities coming together as a group. Without diversity the world would be just boring and dull. ...read more.


But the best things are gotten by making diversity the path of knowledge and strength. It is in bringing people of diversity together and understands the strengths and the ways of using various strengths to build a stronger unit makes the total much stronger. The US was built on using diversity to build the country. The political season this fall was an example of using diversity to destroy the country during the elections. All common ground was ignored and politicians used diversity to drive us apart and to use fear to get elected. The impact it has on others? Diversity is the presence of people from a wide range of backgrounds and possessing different traits. Differences in age, race, ethnic origin, culture, physical abilities, religion and sexual orientation are just some possible contributors to diversity. Though generally regarded as a good thing for a workplace, diversity poses significant challenges for company leaders. Modern companies often strive for greater diversity among their employees, hiring workers of different races, creeds, genders and ages to bring a more varied experience to their ranks. ...read more.


Costs If properly implemented, a diverse workplace will generate more income for the company in the form of broader sales and greater productivity. In some cases, however, greater workplace diversity may require an initial investment. For example, if the company hires an employee in a wheelchair, it may need to install ramps and elevators to let that employee move about more readily. Or it may need to spend time and resources teaching current employees a new language to better communicate with new workers from a different country or culture. Adaptability According to The Multicultural Advantage, a more diverse workplace offers more potential solutions to problems and a more flexible office environment. Employees reflecting a wide variety of experiences are more likely to provide a greater variety of options -- some of which may never be considered by a less diverse workplace -- and can possess more experience in implementing such options. That adaptability gives the company the ability to face challenging situations more readily, and thus respond to changes in the business environment. ...read more.

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