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What is more important to your identity? Your Social Group, Nationality, Gender or Ethnicity?

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What is more important to your identity? Youre Social Group, Nationality, Gender or Ethnicity? Nationality, membership of nation, being national. Gender, grammatical classification (or one of classes) roughly corresponding to two sexes and sexless ness. Social, of society or its organization, concerned with mutual relations of (classes of) human being, living in communities, gregarious, unfitted for solitary life. Ethnic, of group of mankind having common national or cultural tradition; (of cloths etc.) resembling those of an ethnic group. The reason why I started this essay with the four dictionary definitions is because I wanted to show how important yet so different each of these elements each could be on ones life. Nationality is very important to me; I am on my passport British, however unless I'm applying for a job then I tell people that I am a Turkish Cypriot and a proud one at that. The reason I write that I am British when applying for a job is that, in my opinion makes life easier upon myself the reason I say this is that in my own experience, I have found that in higher managerial positions you will find someone British for instance, I work for Tesco and have done so for four years, during this time I have ...read more.


I'm a bit old-fashioned and agree with my parents in not letting my sister out as often as she would like. My sister is not a prisoner in her own home she is allowed out but she has to ask for permission she can't just get up and go out like I could at her age, when I say she's allowed out I mean to places such as shopping and the cinema rather then to nightclubs and discos, she's allowed to places in the day rather then the night this is due to a few things, one of them is men can take advantage of young girls as most girls are very naive when young so we as a family don't want people to take advantage of her and for her to go on and earn herself a bad reputation, as reputations are very important, being a Turkish-Cypriot family we expect other families to come and ask for my sisters hand in marriage and if she has a bad reputation then families may be put of from asking for her to marry their sons. Another reason is that it is not always safe for girls to be walking about the street at late hours as a lot of dangerous things can happen ...read more.


Ethnicity, of all the things that make up your identity is the hardest to define, what is it? Well "Ethnic identity is a product of a number of forces: Social exclusion and stigma and political resistance to them, distinctive cultural and religious heritages as well as new forms of culture communal and family loyalties, marriage practices, coalition of interests and so on." I'm a Muslim and try to follow the religion as much as possible but as a live in a non-Muslim country it is hard I'm proud to be a Muslim and I'm proud of my background. I did my own survey to find out how other people felt I asked around 25 people and discover that the question posed was a very hard on and that most people claimed that they were all equally important, those that didn't' say that they were all equally important said that ethnicity was the most important an interesting fact was that out of all the people I asked no one said that there gender was important to there identity. In conclusion to this essay id like to say that in my own personal view I think that your Social Group, Nationality, Gender and Ethnicity can all play important parts in your life but if I was forced to choose I'd say that nationality to me is the most important. ...read more.

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