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What Is Terrorism?

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TERRORISM WHAT IS TERRORISM? It is a process of creating terror (horror) in an individual or in a nation about a particular thing or to achieve an illegal thing by force. FACTORS INVOLVE IN TERRORISM There are many different factors, which cause terrorism 1- Frustration 2- Extremist Nature 3- Corrupt Judiciary 4- Uneven Society 1- FRUSTRATION A single person or a group of people who are frustrated are always read to take any kind of chance to fulfill their mental desire or to achieve their goal by hook or by crook Such frustration is one of the greatest factors in causing and promoting terrorism. 2- EXTREMIST NATURE People with extremist nature are the key factor for terrorism. Extremist nature in a person is and abnormality whose cure is very tactful and polite, but a person in that kind of situation got a destructive company then he may be tamed in any direction such a process is known as brain washing. This technique is mostly applicable on young people and a person washed never knows whether he is doing right or wrong. ...read more.


it varies according to the social and political and even religious activities taking place in a particular society. Terrorism in Asia A kind of terrorism commonly seen in Asian countries is based on religion. Some people who are so called attached to their religion very much and have an extremist nature, try to find faults in other religions and thus creating a horror and terror, which they never know. TERRORISM IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES In the foreign countries where people are very much open than that of Asian countries where the moral values are not as good as that of Asian countries, when a man / woman is annoyed from his woman / man or deceived from his / her girlfriend or boyfriend he not only tease his / her to death but also sees every man and woman with the same eye and try to kill every man or woman in the society because he thinks that every one is alike. These kinds of cases are known as serial killers. SEPTEMBER 11, INCIDENT On 11 September 2001, almost every person in the world saw a gigantic effect of terrorism. ...read more.


There may be some goal of getting its natural resources or placing his own democratic instead of the present one or to tell the world that we are the super power and can do any thing we want. WAR AGAINST IRAQ Following the same lines as discussed above. This war started three weeks before. Sadam Hussain was declared as terrorist and Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and chemical and biological weapons and of course America is afraid of them he wants to protect himself as well as want to save the whole world from it. So it has decided to attack the Iraq, now the carpet-bombing has blacked out the Baghdad. Yes we can say that there was no Sadam from whom America was afraid off but the oil resources in Iraq he want to get hold on, as Iraq is the second largest country in producing oil in the whole world. The way America has chosen to get power and natural resources of other countries will lead to great disaster of the world. Now a days the dimensions of terrorism has changed, firstly it was solely or in the form of small gangs but now it is nation wide and among countries. ...read more.

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