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What was 'Pax Romana'?

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A- Level History- Induction Exercise Russell Cowie - Obedience or Choice, Chapter One: What is modern world? What was 'Pax Romana'? Pax Romana was the ruling of the law within the Roman Empire, Which formally provided security and stability amongst the Feudal System. Describe the main features of the Feudal System. The feudal system is split into many sections. It starts with the King at the top who controlled decisions of the country and granted land to the Barons, offering wealth and power. The Barons then granted parts of this land to Knights, who were Lords of the Manor appointed by the King. These Knights then gave a service and paid their loyalties back. The Knights also granted small parts of this land to peasants and gave protection in return for money or services. This service the continued for land workers or serfs, however they did not receive land. The feudal system was also emphasized by the clergy, which granted authority recognising royal status. Each group were vassals to the overlord above. ...read more.


What does 'Renaissance'mean? The Renaissance was the sponsorship of a new era of learning. Where curiosity in the middle class turned to a sense of enterprise and energy. It also means the 'revival of learning,' because it marked the return of an interest of literature and art. Why was the new middle class of merchants such an important factor in the development of the Renaissance? The middle class of merchants was such an important factor in the development of the renaissance because they were a class between aristocracy and peasantry. And that they were the middle-men between producers and consumers. They broadened the mind and created a great deal of curiosity. Why did the Renaissance lead to a weakening in the authority of the church? The renaissance lead to the weakening of the authority of the church because the spread of knowledge has greatly expanded the opportunities, city-dwelling class ceased to be a part of the clergy. The pope gradually lost control of the Christian people to avoid the loss of faith in Italy. ...read more.


He later returned to England in 1787 trying to persuade England and France to overthrow their monarchies and become republic. He then later published a book called 'The Rights Of A Man', and was later accused of treason, but escaped to France to avoid capture. At this time the French were in the middle of a Revolution and the leaders welcomed him. He became unpopular when he disagreed to the execution of the king and was imprisoned for a year. Paine then published a third book, 'The Age Of Reason' and died shortly after in New York. Why does Karl Marx see the most significant feature of capitalist society as 'the class war'? Karl Marx saw 'the class war as the most significant feature of the capitalist society because although the two classes were different the immediate aim of the communists was the same as the proletariat. They both wanted to overthrow the bourgeoisie, as they were a profit seeking class. What, according to Cowie, is 'the most distinctive feature of modern society'? According to Cowie, the most distinctive feature of modern society is the 'rapidity of change,' and contending opinions and attitudes. Societies are characterised by complexity and change. ...read more.

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