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Whether Working Mothers In Dual-WorkerFamilies Are More Likely To Be Involved In Domestic Tasks Then Their Partners.

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A2 SOCIOLOGY COURSEWORK - "SECTION 1: RATIONALE" WHETHER WORKING MOTHERS IN DUAL-WORKER FAMILIES ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE INVOLVED IN DOMESTIC TASKS THEN THEIR PARTNERS. My aim is to investigate whether working mothers in dual-worker families are more likely to be involved in domestic tasks then their partners. In reference to my aim I believe that equality does not exist in society from surveys sociologists believe that although men may contribute to domestic tasks, inequality will always exist. I am living in a society where many mothers are working due to equal opportunities in the present society than there was decades back. Many surveys and studies have been carried out in relation to my aim; A legal & general survey was carried out in April 2000 about inequality and that women are more likely to be involved in domestic tasks, this will be more developed in section 2 (context). Therefore inequality is supported by many studies and surveys. I will consider why working mothers are more likely to be involved in domestic tasks and whether patriarchy still exists. As I am mainly focusing on working mothers this means I will also focus on childcare along with domestic division of labour therefore I will include the concepts of 'inequality' and femininity' as feminists estimate the ability of women. ...read more.


Women continue to see housework and childcare as a crucial part of being a good wife and mother therefore they are more likely to be pleased with an unequal domestic division of labour than women who refuse these roles. There are three major theoretical explanations of inequalities in power and control in families. Functionalists see sexual division of labour in the homes as biologically inevitable. They believe that women are naturally suited to the caring and emotional role. Marxist-feminists argue the housewife role serves the needs of capitalism in that it maintains the future work-force and reproduces future labour-power. Radical-feminists such as Delphy (1984) believe that a household role is created by patriarchy and related to the service of men and their interests. Like functionalism, both Marxist and radical forms of feminism sees women's exploitation and oppression as rooted in their biological role of mothers; therefore women feel it is there duty and are stereotyped to be in charge of the domestic life. Some women feel housework and childcare, like paid work has a real and positive meaning, this is why women feel it is work done for 'love' and it shows their commitments to their families. The concept of femininity can be seen as a female subjectivity and stress their ideological role, but the debate in femininity often lapse in essentialism. ...read more.


It is also important that the question are related to my aim and don't go off the point. Because of my own beliefs I have to ensure that I do not use 'Leading Question' the leading question will produce a biased questionnaire, this will not give validity to my research. The major problem I may come across in my research is respondents with a vested interest in the area of research; they may complete the questionnaire but produce an unrepresentative sample. Even a Pilot study might not correct this basic idea, which will make my research worthless. Working mothers may not have time to complete the questionnaire due to the fact that they are working and have a burden of domestic tasks, this may lead to ignorance and a low response rate is possible. This will make my survey useless, as I wouldn't know if the small numbers of replies are representative. The cost of producing the questionnaire may be a lot because I will need to produce fifty questionnaires, travel to the different areas and give the questionnaire by hand myself. This will be hard because I will need to gain trust from the women, so that they believe me and not ignore me. My final problem is that people do not reply to questionnaires unless there is some benefit to them, like a chance to win a prize. This can be a serious drawback because I will not benefit them with a prize. (300 WORDS) Sumara Dar ...read more.

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