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Why does society condemn homosexuality?

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Why does society condemn homosexuality? Homosexuality is defined as sexual activity with another of the same sex. In our culture and world today, around 1 in 6 people are homosexual. Many people look towards the bible for teachings, and homosexuality is no exception. It is easy to see why people are against homosexuality when the bible states "...Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." (Romans 2:27) For a religious Christian, they would immediately believe homosexuality is wrong, as the bible says that any indecent act would be punished. ...read more.


Society can find this too over powering, as the older generation are used to conservative dress and behaviour and sometimes homosexuals set out to break the trend. Due to this differentiation from society, today people may discriminate against homosexuals, thinking they are boisterous and loud. However some men may be slightly jealous of gay men, as gay men often get on a lot better with women than "straight" heterosexual men. This jealousy can often turn into anger, and when a strictly straight man encounters a gay man, usually when alcohol is involved, the straight man will verbally and sometimes physically attack the gay man. ...read more.


To conclude, there are many reasons why society in general is against homosexuality, however each individual person has their own view. Homosexuals get very bad publicity, as we can see above some choose to exploit their behaviour in outrageous ways, giving a bad name to all homosexuals. Although homosexuality is not a new thing, (there is evidence it goes back to before the time of Jesus) the flamboyancy is fairly new. And all new things take time getting used to. So maybe that is why society condemns it, because it is new and unfamiliar. However, no matter whether it's now or in 2000 years, there will always be some person or small group somewhere condemning homosexuality. But that's the same with everything. ...read more.

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