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Why is American society so complex?

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From the start, American people dedicated their new nation to the principles of democracy, freedom, equality and opportunity. These promises attracted people from other countries and millions of immigrants poured into the United States. The people of America are the people who went to find better opportunities, who were sold, who were undesirables in Africa, the rebel rousers, part of the 13 colonies, and who were never one people with a common background. Since it is the people that make up American society and the institutions, it is the diversity of American people that makes our society so complex. America is a melting pot of cultures and our democratic system allows for a variety of opinions, thus leading to a complex society. ...read more.


American society is so complex because of the wide variety of people. For example, there are conservative people pitted against very liberal people, and then there are those in the middle. Also, the fact that we allow freedom of expression leads to ideas clashing with each other. People tolerate different levels of behavior, and people express their feelings in multiple ways. One example Is that people are able to express themselves in pirate rants in the paper. The fact that people can openly express themselves leads to people disagreeing about our society's institutions. For example, there are many people who are against the institution of bureaucracy, whereas there are many people who believe bureaucracy is beneficial for our society. Many criticize the piles of rules set by a bureaucracy, while others realize that a benefit is job security. ...read more.


For example, lets say you are a Christian, and you meet an atheist, do you think you two could change each other? The answer is most likely no. Since people are so strongly bonded to their belief system and since there are so many socioeconomic barriers, our American society is complex and intricate. Society is complex because the people in American society are so unique and are not reprimanded for being unique. In America there is such a great diversity of people and we allow these people to express their opinions freely. Because of this, we have a wide array of opinions and values, resulting in complex society. Society is not only complex because of the institutions. The people make the institutions, but the institutions do not make the people. The fact that people are idealists and are so diverse is what makes society so complex. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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