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Why slavery was abolished

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Why slavery was abolished There are many things that have created slavery but also many things to abolish it. Historians have identified a number of factors that contributed to the abolition of slavery, but here are the most important ones that I will talk about in this essay; middle class whites, black slaves, working class whites and economics. The white middle class people played a huge part in the abolition of slavery. William Wilberforce was a highly respected MP; he played a huge part in the abolition by forming a group opposing slavery. He campaigned by making lots of speeches and studied the terrible conditions on board the slave ships. Granville Sharp was a surgeon in east London, when he met a slave named Jonathan Strong. Strong had been whipped and badly beaten by his master David Lisle. Sharp took him to hospital where he recovered. Strong was working as a healthy messenger boy when Lisle had him recaptured. When Sharp heard of this, he took Lisle to court to regain Strong his freedom. ...read more.


As time went by places apart from the West Indies, started producing sugar. Places like Cuba and Jamaica made their sugar very cheap and did not have slaves to do the work. This forced a lot of the British sugar plantations in the West Indies to close down, which brought a reduction in the demand for slaves. The black slaves themselves also took upon there human rights and helped to abolish slavery. Lots of black slaves who worked in Britain started to demand wages from their owners and to be treated like normal servants. Some slave owners would have taken this badly and the slave would have been beaten. This would have only caused the slave owner more trouble by being taken to court by his slave so the slave could fight for his/her freedom. The slave would do this by getting help from someone like Granville Sharp. In every case the judges made a different decision each time because the judges did not want to seem biased. ...read more.


It also agreed to support Elizabeth heyrick's plan for a new campaign to bring about immediate abolition. The following year the anti slavery society presented a petition to the House of Commons calling for the "immediate freeing of newborn children of slaves". As you can see slavery was abolished for so many reasons but what I think the most significant are a combination of the middle class whites and Olaudah Equiano. These were what I think the most important factors where because firstly the middle class whites like Wilberforce where very highly respected people and were the sort not to be ignored at parliament. I think especially Wilberforce because him being an MP meant that parliament would listen to what he had to say which they would not do with a working class white for example. Olaudah Equiano played a big part because he spoke about slavery from a personal experience and when something as bad as the horrific tales of slavery has come straight from a person who has experienced it has a greater effect rather then if it came from a MP who had not experienced it. ...read more.

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