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"Witness", discussing cultural differences.

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In the story "Witness", it tries to get across how different cultures mix together and how they deal with their differences. The police officer in the film "John Book" has a totally different way of living compared to the Amish people. He keeps on suggesting things that the Amish do not believe in or do not use or have. As the differences are so obvious John Book tries to change this by flirting with the mother of the young boy. He dances with her, sees her naked and nearly ends up kissing her. The religious beliefs have affected the Amish way of life in such a way that the normal way for them is not to be violent and to take abuse without defending yourself. Their view is to deal with life's problems in a compromising manner. The senior members of the group will remove any member of the Amish community failing to follow these rules. Their religion has been unfortunate in a sense that technological advances are seen as something totally out of the norm. ...read more.


They have very strict gender roles, where men do all the strenuous work and the women do the role of a typical housewife. The women cook, clean, knit and care mainly for the children. Amongst the society that they are in, they always look out for each other. In the video the young boy continuously rings the bell and all the other siblings turn up to help and in the end this leads to one of the men surrendering. The Amish have been influenced and affected by the American culture. An example of this is that the Amish refer to anyone who is white as an "English". Also as they fear what others may do to them, they decided to build areas where they can hide, in case a threat puts their family or community in danger. Also they have learned to discipline themselves whenever a person of another religion confronts them or makes threats. Some Amish people live in fear of what others will do to them because they are different. ...read more.


The Amish lead a boring lifestyle, as they do not have much entertainment. They have to have dull, plain entertainment. Conclusion I think that the Amish way of life is very traditional but not always practical. I don't really see the point in not taking advantage of the technological advances. It's just making life harder for you. Although I think that it is very good how everyone helps everyone whenever you need a hand, I think that they are punishing themselves by trying to look plain and withdrawing themselves from the normal society. The thing that I think is worst about the religion is that you have to take abuse but should not lash out and just ignore it. In some people it will be bottled up too much that they will just flip and someone will get seriously hurt. Although this is bad, the people tormenting them will think twice before they do it again, as they have seen what they can do and what they will do if they feel necessary. I think it would be more accepted if they were less hard on themselves. Amish Humanities Essay Matt Kent 10 DPO GCSE Amish People ...read more.

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