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Women opposed to Men

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Women vs. Men We often tend to ask ourselves, why do women take so much time to make themselves look good whereas men just put gel on their hair and walk out the door? Is it due to the fact that we care a lot about our looks and men just don't? Or is it that we women have extremely low self- admiration for ourselves compared to men? Do we do it to make ourselves feel great? Are women unable to walk out their bathroom without fixing their hair or to stare into the mirror for an estimate of five to ten minutes without walking back in again? What makes men and women see themselves so differently? Women have the tendency to ask questions concerning about their looks, about whether they look hideous or too obese even though they're stick thin? Although men never do? Nonetheless, women still live longer than men, so yes gentlemen you do and will die faster than women. ...read more.


Even though we women, may not do certain things better than men, but we as women can assist and aid in problems and decisions. We women want to be appreciated... Therefore men and women should be treated equal. Women vs. Men... I'm sure a lot of you have heard of that. Thinking that it means women are at war against men.... But you're wrong... In fact it means, women trying everything in their willpower to make sure men can notice the superiority of women as well as their own. Neither man nor woman is better; both are equivalent in intelligence, endurance and ability. We should respect both men and women. We should not eliminate one or the other. We should make every effort to make both man and woman equal. So, the next time you see someone who is the opposite gender remember to value and understand their well being, to not think of yourself better than them. ...read more.


For the reason that men prefer to be women. Nevertheless, if you look around the room, one guy may become a woman, thus don't be too surprised. Women have truly made a name for themselves, in about twenty-two countries they make up about twenty-five percent of the government. Which is a great increase compared to nine percent in 1994. Also about ninety countries have begun to establish goals to end gender inequality by 2015. However, that is still a long way off. That is why we must make society understand how imperative it is to balance both men and women together. If one is better than the other then eventually things may well turn out terrible and society may well fall apart... Hence, women are stepping up their game and a majority of men are actually stepping back. It should continue to be that way, so both men and women may stand at the same pedestal and both may shout out at the same level with the same rights. Not men alone, but women side by side with them. Wendy Lim Jerudong International School IGCSE English Language Persuasive Speech 1 ...read more.

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