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Women Running The World, And The Men Who Want To Stay With Them

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Amanda Ross Sociology of the Family 10-15-01 Short Essay: Marital Happiness Women Running The World, And The Men Who Want To Stay With Them A marriage is a social unit in which there is a certain, sometimes unequal, distribution of power. Traditionally, the husband carries the majority of power, while the wife is subservient in many aspects. There had been a male breadwinner, as the wife takes care of everything else. This puts the wife at an economic and social disadvantage. These women truly had the weight of the world on their shoulders, a house to run, children to mold, a husband to attend to and the world to run. As time has progressed, there has been a recognition of the real stain this structured inequality has taken its toll on marriages. Not all marriages follow this old format, but a lot of the beliefs of what marriages should be have remained the same. Such as most people believe that marriage is based on love, couples should be mature enough to marry, usually consists of a man and a woman, and typically the husband supports his wife. ...read more.


This invisible power allows him to pull the wool over his wife's eyes and lead her to believe there is fairness, when there really isn't. The inequality causes marital friction. Marital happiness can be seen in terms of fairness. On the whole, women feel that the division of housework is unfair to women and men tend to feel that they are satisfied with the way things are. If the wife is satisfied with her husband's contribution, then there will probably be a more united marriage. The level of satisfaction with his contribution is mainly affected by economic influences. If hubby brings home a big paycheck, the little wife will be less likely to want more of a contribution to the housework than if he came home from the McDonalds and sat down on the couch. Marital happiness does not just include sharing responsibilities in the household. Marital happiness is a hard aspect to measure. Class, education, social power, and income affect this marital satisfaction. Couples are happier when they have things in common, including hobbies, class, race/ethnicity, and religion. ...read more.


If both partners agree that this is the way to go, then it would be a good option. Equality within the marriage lessens women's dependency on their male counterpart and gives her options outside of the marriage that contributed to her emotional health and the overall happiness for the couple. My idea of the idea marriage is one with an equal partnership concerning work and home. There should be a considerable amount of emotional support on both ends. I believe similarities are so important. I get along better with people that I have things in common with, where they got that opposites attract, I don't know. I could see an external advantage, where socially one partner's weaknesses could be compensated for, but internally there would be conflicts. There has to be a consensus on how to raise the children and similar goals in life. Most importantly, there has to be a compatibility, which allows a couple to get along. If the power in unequal and individuals are devalued, there will be friction and it won't be pretty. Women have been running the world and now that they are coming out of the home, men need to start working with the team , instead of leading a separate life. Ross 1 ...read more.

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