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Write a general essay on functionalist ideas on the family.

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Sociology -Write a general essay on functionalist ideas on the family. Functionalists are a group of sociologists that believe that society is a positive thing and see the good in society. They see it as a system with different parts that combines to create a better, stable life. They think that most of the population is happy in the way society works. This is called a Consensus. They believe that people are happy with the way society is shaped and that everyone in a functionalist society has a role. This makes sure that society runs smoothly and everything stays in harmony. For example education has a function to make sure people are educated to be good at the job they will get after school. . There have been many great Sociologists that support Functionalism. I.e. ...read more.


Also any evidence that went against his theory was pushed aside. In the 1950's a sociologist called Parsons argued that the family functions should be there to relive the husband from stress. He called this "The Warm Bath Theory ". The Warm Bath Theory means that the husband goes out to work everyday, meanwhile the wife staying in looks after the house and children. When the husband would return the wife would make his tea and look after his needs. She makes " A Haven in A Heartless World". The idea of this is that the Woman supports the husband and looks after the children. She could also be expected support the elders of the family. ...read more.


The family is also a important device for social control. The children learn the basics right and wrong from there up bringing. They condition there children u till they no what is right and wrong. I.e. if a child hurts his sibling he/she will be punished. If the child does his/her homework they could be given a present to show that the have done something wrong. This is called social conditioning. A family is essential to the economy. The parents give the children financial support though there education. Also if a couple don't reproduce the population will decrease and the economy will go down. The parents have children. They, and the government, invest in them by giving then a education. Once the children are grown up they go off to work and put the money back into the economy. Then they have children and so on. ...read more.

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