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Year 12 A level English Language Key Stage 3 Reading/Writing Research Project

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English Language Key Stage 3 Reading/Writing Research Project Aims: I want to find out, what students reading habits are, what they are most interested in, what encourages them to read and why they choose certain books. I want to compare this information between boys and girls. To do this I will collect information through questionnaires, interviews and observations. My Hypotheses are: * Girls will be more likely to enjoy reading and read more * Boys will prefer sci-fi and horror genres * Girls will prefer teen drama and romance * Teachers will be who encourages students to read more. Research: The national curriculum's outlines for reading as part of English at Key Stage 3 include: * Reading for meaning * Understanding the author's craft * English literary heritage * Texts from different cultures and traditions * Printed and ICT-based information texts * Media and moving image texts But getting children interested in reading at a young age is seen as key to raising their educational development. ...read more.


Observation: I sat in on a year 9 class whilst the students were reading in groups and then reporting back to the class. The main things I found out were: * Boys tended to be reading fantasy, comedy or horror * Girls were mostly reading teen drama and horror * Boys were more easily distracted * Girls tended to report back in more detail and more in depth * Boys reports were more humorous and less accurate Transcript: I recorded a conversation I had with a year 9 student about their reading. The transcript helped me to see what this individual felt about the reading habits and what could encourage them to read more. Questionnaire: I compiled a questionnaire to hand out to students to find out about their reading habits. In my pilot study, I realised I had to modify some of the vocabulary as the participants did not understand a few sentences. ...read more.


Those who said they did not enjoy reading said it was mainly because it was boring. More boys (3) said this than girls. All of the ten students had participated in group reading and 8/10 found it more fun and felt that it helped them to understand what they were reading better. When asked what would encourage them to read more, many said if there were more exciting books and if reading wasn't forced on them at school. The most important things when choosing a book generally were the blurb and friends opinions. 7/10 said they would like to be rewarded with book vouchers for reading. Conclusion: From conducting my research, I have proved my hypotheses that girls read more and enjoy reading more. My predictions of what genre would be preferred was correct although comedy was popular among boys and girls. My detailed questionnaire helped me to find the reasons why. The questionnaires gave me a general, broad idea whereas my transcript helped me to get a personal and detailed point of view. ...read more.

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