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Yoga is a living tradition, an ancient Indian physical and mental system for self exploration and growth that is as effective today as it has been for centuries.

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Essay 3-101 Yoga is a living tradition, an ancient Indian physical and mental system for self exploration and growth that is as effective today as it has been for centuries. The word 'yoga' means 'union' or 'to join together'. Practicing yoga harmonizes or "joins together" mind, body and spirit. I was introduced to Yoga by one of my friends when I fell terribly sick with jaundice a few years back. I took medication but my condition did not improve. I also got addicted to the prescription drugs which made my system weak and took a huge toll on my overall well being. I felt depressed and a complete lack of energy and enthusiasm. At this point, one of my friends, an enthusiastic yoga practitioner, encouraged me to sign up for a yoga class. I took her advice and signed up for a three month long yoga class. In the beginning I found the classes exhausting and difficult but my family and that friend kept encouraging me to keep to practice going. Within a couple of weeks of disciplined yoga practice, my digestive system started showing signs of healing. I also began to experience improved posture, strength and immunity. I got off my addiction of prescription tablets and this was enough incentive for me to continue with yoga. ...read more.


She went in for massage therapy to treat her back but her condition did not improve. Her doctor introduced her to yoga and explained the many benefits of the practice. He advised her to take up yoga sessions for some time to heal her back and thus started Kara's journey with yoga. She heaves a sigh of relief when she says "I remember having the most excruciating back aches and the pain relieving yoga poses were like an elixir for life". She enjoyed yoga so much that she continued to practice even after her physical condition improved. One day she said to herself, "Hey, I enjoy this so much, why not explore becoming a professional yoga teacher". She followed her heart and enrolled in yoga certification classes and put her very best effort into mastering the poses and learning the skills and techniques to conduct a class successfully. Her hard work and passion for yoga paid off when she got a job with Pro Sports club, one of the most prestigious health clubs in the northwest part of America. According to Kara, yoga has taught her to follow a disciplined approach towards life. Her face beams with joy when she describes the benefits she's reaping, "Yoga has made me extremely sensitive to my body and it has helped me develop a deep connection with my body, mind and soul". ...read more.


When I was enrolled in Malini's class, I always found that she encouraged me to listen to my body and put a great emphasis on not overstretching and hurting the body. This advice has helped me tremendously, as now I practice yoga on my own at home. Malini has a knack for communicating effectively with people. She is intuitively aware of the poses that would get a person to relax and she responds out of that gut feeling. Her students find her class very enjoyable and she has a very loyal fan following. One has to book up several months in advance to secure a place in her class. When I complimented her on the popularity of her class, she ambitiously said "I plan to branch out and start a yoga institute on my own someday. That's my dream". I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing my yoga teachers and learning about their individual journeys on the spiritual path. They both have their own unique style of teaching yoga but the essence of the practice is the same. I think they are fortunate to have found a career that is lucrative and also brings them so much job satisfaction. I was quite amazed by their level of commitment and devotion to yoga and I feel thankful to be blessed with such wonderful teachers. ...read more.

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