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101 - Customer Service

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´╗┐Unit 101 3.1 Internal customers are any person who works for Kenable. Internal customers can also be suppliers and partners of the company, people who work with us to provide our products and services. External customers are those who do not work for the Kenable, which are buying a product/service to fulfill a need. 3.2 Kenable sells cables and peripherals. The main things we Sell/provide are basic cables such as cables that can be used in the home for simple tasks, for example HDMI cables that are used in many homes to connect TV?s to DVD and Blue ray players, Laptops and computers. We also sell other products such as Laptop accessories, Mobile accessories and also festive accessories. 3.3 The connection between customer expectations and customer satisfaction are: Customers build up expectations of Kenable based on what they have heard about the company (The reputation), by the way they are dealt with and by the overall professionalism of the company. Customers can be dissatisfied with the service or product at any point during the process but usually it is hard to rate a customer?s satisfaction until all the dealings have been complete. If the customer is satisfied they will give us good feedback and tell people they know of the good service they received, this is how other customers build up their expectations. ...read more.


with the customers, I offer free advice and information regarding our products and services and I also reply to emails and feedback from customers. I deal with most of the admin before and after the sales and also deal with our other clients such as DPD who we employ to deliver our products. 3.8 My customers are the people who ring up or email me asking for information or requesting a sale. I have many internal customers too such as our suppliers and clients and also my work colleagues. The majority of my external customers are dealt with over the phone however I also deal with customers on a face to face basis when the come in to Kenable themselves. 3.9 The main characteristics of typical customer I deal with are: Loyal ? Most of the customers I deal with are very loyal and have been using our services for a long time. Curious ? Most of the customers I deal with are curious about new services, products and promotions we offer Grateful ? Most of my customers are very grateful for the high standards of customer service they receive. I have many customers thanking me on a daily basis and many customers who leave great feedback and recommend friends and family. ...read more.


3.13 I can find information about Kenable, our products and services on the Kenable website, I can also find information about Kenable in my employee handbook and also in the office. All product and service information can be found on my computer on the T drive and also on spreadsheets as this information is always changing and adapting. 3.14 The most common customer service problems we face are: Customers having faults with their Cables and requesting refunds and/or replacements. I deal with this and I make the decisions regarding refunds, however, Roy or ken make the decisions regarding replacements. Other problems include, customers not receiving their products in time, not receiving payments due to insufficient funds and occasionally not having products in stock. I Usually deal with all these problems and I do not need to tell anyone about these. 3.15 The way I behave affects my customer service experience because if I was to behave inappropriately or to say something inappropriate to a customer they would be offended and would go else ware, They would possibly make a complaint about the way I handled the situation and this would not only reflect on me but I would reflect on Kenable. Also not dealing with situations appropriately will affect my confidence when dealing with customers in the future as I will be to wary of what I say and the customers may pick up on this. ...read more.

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