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A day in the life of me!

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A day in the life of me! BEEP! BEEP! CRASH! (The alarm clock hits the wall) it must be 6:30 am, (I think that 6:30 should not even have an AM!). Then I think to my self weekends shouldn't have alarm-clocks going off on them but of course it is not a weekend it's a Moany Monday Morning. On a Monday every one wants to know where the weekend has gone especially ME and all I can think about is Saturday night, when I was having a conversation with Sam. Lovely, lovely Sam. Then all I can hear is my mum shouting up the stairs "KIMBERLEY! KIMBERLEY!" As I have a glimpse of my clock I run out of my room and start to jump about on the bathroom floor mainly because its very cold. Then as I am doing this I jump into a lovely warm bath and before I can even think about it. ...read more.


And not forgetting science and that's second lesson. Then the 8:30 bell goes so I begrudgingly walk into my form room for another 'fun' time with Miss joice my form tutor. The rest of my form walks in, in front of me I sit and talk to kirsty for 25 minutes. In this time I find out exactly what she has done this weekend and when Alison asks me whether I have done the maths homework, all I can say is "what do you think?" As the bell goes I walk upstairs to geography with Laura as I walk in Miss Aslett announces that we are going to do the test on Wednesday instead of today and for the first time to day some thing has gone right. But she hands us our homework back from last week. I did not get a very good mark on well I was trying to do it in Friday's ICT lesson! ...read more.


I leave his room and run to my form room and nearly fall over in the process after form it back t until o tech in which I spend an hour doing absolutely nothing well if talking counts then I did do something! At 3:15pm I leave the room and run to catch the bus. Once on the bus I throw my bags down and go to the front to talk to the driver Malcolm and the teacher that's on duty. The bus leaves to take us all back to our lovely warm houses I get off the bus at Elmstead and walk home which takes 10- 15 minutes when I get home I go straight in the bath then get dress I watch television. At 10pm, I go to sleep until BEEP! BEEP! CRASH! (The alarm clock hits the wall) it must be 6:30 am, and this time its Tuesday and today I've got English (nooooooooooo!!!) Only joking!!! KIMBERLEY ROEBUCK 10D ENGLISH COURSEWORK 1 page of5 02/05/07 ...read more.

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