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A Young Person's Guide to Work Experience

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Elaine Elliot A Young Person's Guide to Work Experience Work experience is an exiting time in the school year. It is great fun when you are there but before it can be a mix between excitement and being very nervous. Not knowing what to expect here is some helpful information to help you prepare for your work experience. When looking for your work experience placement, don't look for something that doesn't interest you at all. Attempt to and find something that you enjoy or a job that you may wish to do in the future. You should try your hardest to get a self-found placement to ensure you get a job that you are at least interested in. To get a self-found placement, look up all the companies that you feel you may be interested in and phone them until you find an organisation that say they will accept you for work experience and one that sounds suitable for you. ...read more.


If you are showing a level of maturity and treating your fellow workers with respect then you will be shown a level of respect also! You must remember that if you are misbehaving then you are not only showing yourself up but giving the school a bad name also. Additionally always accept a task that has been given to you with enthusiasm however if you are unsure on how to do it always ask. In the event of you making a mistake while doing a task you have been given always tell someone who can do something about it like your manager or someone who you have become friends with. In doing this you will again show a level of maturity and responsibility. If you make a mistake and don't tell anyone you could cause confusion in the workplace and ruin the whole experience, which should be enjoyed. Always listen to the instructions that you have been given and make sure you fully understand them. ...read more.


If you cannot cope with a task you have been give then just say so to the person who gave you the task. They will admire your honesty, after all the worst you could do would be to get it completely wrong and have someone else sort it all out which could result in a larger task. Work experience will be a rewarding and interesting week that everyone will enjoy. It is a week full of new things. New friends and new tasks a whole new place for you to investigate. Think of work experience as a positive experience. Just ignore the people in your family when they complain about going to work. I guarantee at the end of your experience you will not want to leave. The most important thing is that you enjoy your placement and use it to your full ability. There will always be someone there to rely on if you need to talk to them. If you use this guide to prepare for your Work Experience then it will be a successful experience. Finally, remember to enjoy your placement to its full potential! ...read more.

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