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Are School Days The Best Days In Your Life

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Are School Days The Best Days In Your Life The quote school days are the best in your life is a very personal question to the person. For it involves them looking back at their life and remembering their experiences in the school and out. Lots of kids say that they hate school, and say they never want to go. But without schools we wont learn the skills we need for jobs in later life. This would make jobs unsafe for we would not have the knowledge and technical know how. In some countries it is not essential for children to go to school. I feel it is essential to go to school for we get taught all the information we need to know for later life, also it's a great way of socializing. ...read more.


I get respect, nobody picks on me, and I have loads of cool friends. I feel so happy at Corfe Hills for it specializes in rugby, because Mr. Lewis has some link to England rugby team. So he is a great couch, for he knows what he's doing. Part of the schools activities they do is work experience. I went down to Kemp Welch Leisure Center to shadow people and to see what it was like in a leisure center. Because I had worked for Broadstone Leisure center I had the advantage of knowing a bit more about the attitude and the skills. On the first day off my work experience I thought it was gonna be very hard. ...read more.


I filled vending machines and cleared tables and hovered. I thought they were just letting me do it for I was the little one, but they all did it in the end. I think the amount of work they actually do is mostly cleaning and refilling. If I had to choose whether my school days were better than work I'd have to say school days at the moment in time for I have only had a taster of the real life. I don't have to worry about rent food petrol I'm still growing up and with one more year left of school I will make the most of my year to come and savoir it. For when I'm in the real world I will have problems and money and relationships and lots more. I look forward to dealing with these problems when they come but not just yet. By Steve Phillips ...read more.

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