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At the beginning of Year 10 all year 10 students were told that we were going to start work experience in May next year. As the weeks went on it got closer to work experience.

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Work Experience assignment Introduction At the beginning of Year 10 all year 10 students were told that we were going to start work experience in May next year. As the weeks went on it got closer to work experience. I felt increasingly nervous; this is because I have no experience of working with a company. In January we were given the work experience forms. In the form we hade to choose what type of work we were going to do and what sort of job title we would like to do, e.g. Retail assistant at Currys, laboratory assistant at a university. I chose to do retail assistant at a computer/ electrical superstore. The reason why I chose retail assistant was at a computer/electrical superstore was that I have a wide knowledge on the products they sell, and I am very much into it. As it was getting closer to work experience, I was getting very anxious. As April came, we were going to be told our results. During our French lesson other students from the same year as us showed us their results. Some people did not get a job and were disappointed. Our class was beginning stressed out because our work experience placement results form was not here yet. Around half an hour into the lesson, our head of year came into the class with the work experience forms. ...read more.


Day 1 I felt extremely nervous about the first day. I woken up at 6:30 in the morning just to make sure I was not late on the first day. As I was told that, my placement title was retail, assistant (working at the front of the shop) I had to wear something smart (preferably a suit). When I arrived I had to go to the canteen, this is where all the staff come to put their belongings away. We were told that the first day will be really boring. At the start we watched a health and safety video. There was roughly around 3 videos to watch. The videos showed how to deal with a fire, and how to handle warehouse products. We were shown around the warehouse after watching the videos. We were told were the fire exits were, and were taught the fire drill. There was a door to the back warehouse, you had to type a code in then the door would deactivate the alarm. If you did not type the code and opened the door the alarm would go off, it happened a few times to my friends and it looks a little embarrassing. We had a tea break for 20 minutes and followed by that a 1-hour lunch. After we watched the safety videos and shown around the warehouse we restocked some of the products. ...read more.


I got to handle brand new hi-fi's and re style all of the hi-fi's. I was happy because I made quite a few sales. At the end of the last day we got to go really early. I thought it was really exciting working with comet, and most of the staff were really nice. Conclusion Over the last 2 weeks, I learnt many new skills, from serving customers to putting out new products. I learnt new communication skills, and I learnt how to serve customers. I have experience on how to do an interview. The next time I go for a job I will be very confident because of work experience. I was put in security on day 5 and found it interesting how it worked. I learnt how to communicate with each other, using the intercom was rally useful, as you did not need to walk all the way to the front to ask something, instead use the intercom. If the staff wanted an item or if I wanted an item they would intercom where you are working. The staff would normally intercom me to ask for a stock, or product check. On paper, we learnt how to put new model numbers down on paper, I think one of the most important skill was using the computer, the program has lots of sub-menus and is hard to operate. Overall it has been good working at comet and gives me help on my career. By Mohsin Bhyat ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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