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Autobiographical Piece - My Working Life.

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  • Essay length: 1504 words
  • Submitted: 10/02/2004
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GCSE Work experience reports

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Autobiographical Piece

My Working Life

I got my first paid job when I was about twelve. I delivered a free paper with a friend, I would do about 400 papers for about seven pounds each, and it had to be done between Thursday and Saturday. Me and Cameron got really close during this as we would talk the whole time about things and become better friends then before. Although the pay wasn't brilliant for a twelve year old it was really good, most of it went on pokemon cards and stickers, I remember selling my pokemon cards and made a big profit, selling eight cards for ninety pounds with my friends.

I did my round with Cameron for about a few months before I got my own round, and did it for about six pounds for just fewer than two hundred papers. I always remember working really hard to get the papers done, occasionally I would do them on Sunday's which was out of the boundaries but the supervisor never checked so it didn't matter, I was earning a lot of money which just went on Nintendo games at this point as I

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