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Autobiographical Piece - My Working Life.

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Autobiographical Piece My Working Life I got my first paid job when I was about twelve. I delivered a free paper with a friend, I would do about 400 papers for about seven pounds each, and it had to be done between Thursday and Saturday. Me and Cameron got really close during this as we would talk the whole time about things and become better friends then before. Although the pay wasn't brilliant for a twelve year old it was really good, most of it went on pokemon cards and stickers, I remember selling my pokemon cards and made a big profit, selling eight cards for ninety pounds with my friends. I did my round with Cameron for about a few months before I got my own round, and did it for about six pounds for just fewer than two hundred papers. I always remember working really hard to get the papers done, occasionally I would do them on Sunday's which was out of the boundaries but the supervisor never checked so it didn't matter, I was earning a lot of money which just went on Nintendo games at this point as I had just started my teens. As the months went buy I started to get a bit bored with the round, walkman's and CD players were getting a bit boring now and couldn't make the round fun, so I took another round and shared them with Goran, another friend, I became closer to him as we did the round and we then became really good friends. ...read more.


the round irritated me further, I moved to a larger round which earned me twenty pounds, which was more papers and took longer, after a few months it really started to hurt my back and the early mornings were getting me down, I had stashed away a bit of money so left the round. I did my work experience in early summer of 2002 at the Slough/Windsor Marriott, it took me about an hour to get t here, and I got lost on the first day so was about an hour late, luckily the people there were quite relaxed and didn't mind, for the first three days I worked in conference and banqueting, which basically involved setting up and cleaning conference rooms, and serving coffee and tea to people in the main conference room. This wasn't exactly riveting, but for the first time I was actually working with people and the people were so nice that it was impossible not to have fun and enjoy myself. For the other days I worked at the leisure centre reception. I would deal with minor customer problems, clean the exercise machines, the bar in the pool, check toilets are not too dirty, close lockers, fill soap and shampoo pots and the like. I would sign members in and out and take phone calls. They taught me these skills, and were helpful. Like in conference and banqueting, the people at the Leisure Centre were really nice and relaxed and would joke around a lot and made the day fun and not seem much of a chore. ...read more.


The shop sold all sorts and was a delicatessen as well as butchers, and I would get a large discount there and the produce was of very high quality, which pleased my Mum obviously. I started to enjoy working at the butchers, I would work four or five days a week, earning around one hundred pounds regularly, I would meet with the owner of the chain and go to the bank to pick up money for the tills, and got to know some of the customers. The butchers and me would have great fun joking around and insulting the other butcher who no one liked. I had many barbecues with my friends with the stuff I got from there, but after six months I moved house and the butchers was just too far away especially with the beginning of college, and so I left as I started college. I go back and visit the butchers occasionally and they still give me discount and lots of free things, and we still laugh and have a good time. We got discount from our local fruit and veg shop too because the fruit and veg people did at the butchers. I would advise you to go to work at some time in your young life, try and get a job with people and make sure the people are nice and are quite lenient with the hours and you should have a great time. 1,459 words Aimed At younger audience of 10-16, aimed to inform them on work, with own personal ideas, piece to be used in PSHE handout. Leo ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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