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Autobiography - original writing.

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Huw Liddell 26/05/03 Autobiography I had five months to sort out my work experience placement and thought that I had more than enough time in which to do so. Before long, however, I was called to Mr Williams's office, the man in charge of finalising the work experience. I had just found out that I had overnight to get a placement somewhere, otherwise I'll be stuck in school with year 9 for the week. My ideal placement would be something to do with sports because that's my favourite subject in school but I knew I couldn't find somewhere and get a reply all in one night. The only placement I knew I could go without having to wait for a reply was with my mother! My mother works at Cardiff University in the Biochemistry Unit. I'm still not sure exactly what she does, but I think it's something along the lines of teaching and researching into cells. Before I knew it work experience had almost arrived. It was very tense around the house; I suppose I was excited because I didn't have a clue what I was going to be doing and also a little scared for the same reason. ...read more.


At the end of my first day I was disappointed for not having had a fun day. I also felt worried in case my whole week would be this boring. The second day was a little bit more challenging. In the morning I had to draw pictures on a computer for my mother's poster. This was irritating because nothing was perfect enough for her. She kept on making me change the smallest details, and I realised that day that she was the fussiest person I knew, but the finished product managed to satisfy her. In the afternoon I worked with my mother's friend, Mike Turner, who works in the Electro Microscopy Unit in the university. This is where they take pictures with really big powerful microscopes. At first I was quite shy because I've never met him before. I suppose I was expecting him to be a shy brainy man that wouldn't really talk to me. On the contrary, he would not stop talking and make jokes. I felt like I could talk to him easy and that made me feel comfortable beeing there. ...read more.


The fourth day was the best day of the week. I was in Guy's hands for the day. I met him in the morning and he gave me the camera with a new film and sent me to town again and told me to return at two o'clock. In town I met a lot of my friends and went shopping and took pictures of a burnt building that was in ruins. When I returned we changed the films into negatives in the dark room by using all sorts of chemicals, and let them dry for Friday. On Friday, Guy and I changed the negatives into real pictures. He was very impressed with the pictures I took of the burnt building and asked if he could keep some. This made me feel good of my self and made me consider a career in photography, maybe sport photography. We finished by eleven o'clock so he gave me the afternoon off and I went home. I enjoyed the experience despite having doubts about it at the beginning of the week. The best part of the week was working with Guy, he really made me think about my career. ...read more.

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