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Careers Project

Extracts from this document...


Phase 1 Planning Aims: 1. Project Choice: I am going to write my project on careers. I have picked this as a project as I thought it would be the most useful as it will give me an idea of the jobs available to me, and what subjects I will need to pick for A level should I wish to stay on. The careers project I believe will benefit me more than any other project I could have picked. It will give me an idea of the type of job I would be interested in, and I may well decide on a job I would like after working for this project. 2. Where am I now? I have not really thought about possible careers that would interest me. I have considered being some sort of engineer but I have no idea what this evolves. I need to look into more job possibilities and what levels of education I would need to need to do that job. I will need to research what exactly the job details me to do, and compare that to what I would like to do. 3. What I hope to achieve: I will have to write up a self analysis and think about my strengths and weaknesses and my personality. I will analyse my recent test results and see which subjects I am good at and which I should not think about doing for A level. I will use a program called Pathfinder and see which jobs I am suited to, which it will automatically generate after I answer some questions. I will also need to look up information for four types of jobs that ay interest me. I will utilise the internet and books to find out this information. I will have to find out what characteristics I would need to do these jobs. Using my self analysis and this job information I will compare the two to find which jobs that would suit me. ...read more.


The top five jobs I may be suited to were A computer hardware engineer A Network manager engineer A manufacturing engineer An electronic engineer Fuel and Energy engineer. I am quite interested in these fields of work and I am considering a career in one of these fields. In my recent Christmas mocks m results from my subjects were the following: Subject Percentage (%) Geography 75 Additional Maths 88 PSHE 71 French 65 Chemistry 74 Physics 88 Biology 72 Technology 78 R.E. 64 English 67 I feel my results were quite strong as they would represent an A or a B grade. It is easy to see my strongest subjects are maths and physics which is mainly why I am considering a job in engineering. My weakest subjects were R.E., French and English which doesn't surprise me as I am not too good at languages however I feel I can do better at my R.E. From my knowledge I believe that not having good grades in languages may cause some problems with getting into a university. If I could maintain these results for my actual GCSE's then I would be quite happy as they should allow me to get into this school for A level which I would quite like to do. I hope to further study physics, technology, and geography. Careers Analysis Earlier in the project in my hypothesis I have four jobs that I am interested in. These were: Engineer Pilot Computer/Software Programmer Computer Networker Since there are many types of engineer I have decided to look into detail at Electronic engineering. CAREERS RESEARCH RECORD SUMMARY Job Title Electronic Engineer Description of Work Works on design and production of a wide range of electronic equipment. Most work in research and design in specialist electronics factories which produce telecommunications equipment, computers, domestic appliances, control systems and other specialised apparatus and instruments used in medicine, defence, etc. Entry Requirements Personal Characteristics For degree: 2-3 A levels, preferably including maths, physics and some GCSEs (A*-C) ...read more.


I feel the project as a whole went quite well with major deadlines being met. The table you can see below: Stage Self-Analysis Careers Analysis Conclusions Description Information about my strengths, weaknesses as well as my interests and hobbies. Information I have found out about the four jobs in my hypothesis including their advantages and disadvantages. What I have concluded about what jobs I should consider after I have compared my self analysis to my careers analysis. Proposed completion Date 1.11.06 1.2.07 3.3.07 Actual completion date 18.10.06 29.1.07 1.3.07 I did spend some more time than I originally predicted on pathfinder since it took a large amount of time to answer all the questions. However I stuck to the deadlines for the other tasks I set myself. Proposed Date Actual date Comments Self analysis spreadsheet 14.10.06 8.10.06 This went quite well, not taking me too much time to complete or analyse the data. Pathfinder exercise 18.11.06 20.11.06 I did over shoot the proposed date by two days, as I underestimated the time it would take me to type up. Exam results analysis 20.10.06 19.10.06 I didn't really need too much time to type this up as it was relatively short. Summery of four jobs 25.1.07 20.1.07 Added all the information I deemed relevant. When I originally started this project I hoped to end it with a good idea of what career I want to follow, however I am no closer to deciding on a job, mainly because there are too many different career paths to follow, and this project only skimmed the surface. However I am more aware about the types of jobs I am interested in, as well as the path I will have to follow to get these jobs. The project itself has helped my research skills as well as my prioritisation and planning skills; from creating and keeping to the deadlines. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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