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Citizenship - Account of activity during work experience

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ACCOUNT OF ACTIVITY Knowledge and understanding of roles and events My Citizenship coursework will be based on the rights and responsibilities of employees and their employers in the workplace. The aim of the coursework is to produce a report explaining the health and safety rules on my work experience placement. This is a citizenship activity because it looks closely at important rights. It will also look at my roles, and those of others, during the activity. I have chosen my work experience place because this will give me the opportunity to get an experience and will make me or introduce me to the world and get vital points on how to develop my life skills towards working. The placement that I have been given is not close to my house but I am willing to work hard and grab this opportunity. I am also interested in the financial market and promoting of products and I'll learn from this. I went for my work experience to Comet Stores. My work experience was for a two week period staring on the 6th of June 2005 and ending on the 16th of June 2005. The area that I was allocated for the work experience was in Fosse Park, which is near the outer ring of the city near to the motorways. ...read more.


As I have written above the responsibilities I was given in my jobs and the rights I was given were refusing to do unsafe jobs and getting lunch breaks as well as two short breaks within the day. Most of the rights I was given I covered by the bullet points above. From my experience at the work place all the rules were kept and no one broke them. This showed that the rules that were made were fair, as no body had broken them. The responsibilities given to everyone were clear as everybody had been allocated a task or two and was completed each day. If the allocated working hours had not completed the task many staff members would put in the extra time to finish it off after hours. I was surprised to find out that all the rights that everyone had was respected. Except for one case when in the warehouse the staff member called Richard had carried a box, which was 40 Kg, which was 15 Kg over the Health and Safety requirements. This shows that the rights that you have may not be violated by anyone but could be violated by yourself. At the placement of the work experience I had made a few very solid relationships with the staff members. ...read more.


* Internet - this is useful, as I have to search for anything I need to look up and is very fast method as well. It was useful to me whilst trying to find the placement. Using this tool I found the place in no time at all. * Interviews - this is useful as you get all the information first hand and you can ask the questions physically and you can get instant responses. I found this useful when gathering information for my coursework and everybody was very helpful I could improve my coursework by doing many extra things and by doing the work experience again. I could do two work experiences at two different places and compare them. It would be better to the work experience for longer as I could get more information, analyze the data and information I have and create a better coursework. By doing it with a more volatile environment I would defiantly succeed Overall my work experience was very successful as I learnt a lot form it. The work experience itself could be improved by doing it again, by doing it for a longer period and by doing two work experiences. If we were paid for work experience many people would put more effort and make it look like a real job ?? ?? ?? ?? TESHEEN MOOSA CITIZENSHIP COURSEWORK ...read more.

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