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citizenship coursework A - work experience

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Coursework A - work experience During year ten I had two weeks of work experience from the 12th to 23rd of March 2007. Work experience wasn't just compulsory for pupils within my school, but a nationwide curricular activity. My head of year Miss Joseph organised the work experience with a company called Trident, who helped organise the placements and checked the placement for health and safety. For those not organising their own work experience, you had apply for jobs through tridents website. You had to select six difference jobs, and order them in preference and then Trident would try to organise the placement you placed first. However Trident were unable to succeed in getting everyone their first choice in placement, as many other schools within Waltham forest were doing work experience during the same period. I however arranged my own placement, at my mothers' primary school. My mother, several members of staff and I and to fill out a couple of forms which were then sent to Trident, who would check the placement to see if it was safe for me to work there. ...read more.


I felt I did have a positive effect on my colleagues as I would often be able to carry out tasks without too much assistance and therefore my less work for others. However in some activities I had to be assisted due to health and safety reasons, which could have made more work for the staff, than if I was not there. I offered to help out after school and would always be willing to try any task the teacher set me, even if I didn't know what to do. I therefore feel that I made a positive contribution and reduced the work load for my colleagues. During my work experience I had to carry out many different tasks, many of which I had never done before. I was able to cope with most of these new activities, however I did encounter some problems during my first week. For example whilst I was doing paired reading with an individual child, another child, with behaviour difficulties, kept disturbing me and trying to get my attention. ...read more.


I felt that my contribution in many of the activities made it easier for my colleagues and subsequently affected the outcome of the activity, as they all went very well. Over the time of my work experience I learned many new skills that I may not have learned, if I hadn't done the work experience. I really enjoyed my two weeks of work experience. It was a very hard, but rewarding job. Some tasks I did find a little bit boring, however overall the experience was fun and I learnt lots of new skills. For example I am now able to use many of the new Microsoft programmes for modern computers, which are used in many offices and other computer based jobs across the UK. I am also able to teach small groups of children, keeping the attention of every child and enabling them to learn. As I enjoyed my work experience so much I have decided that I would like to become a teacher when I am older, therefore all the skills that I have gained during my work experience will be used again in the future and could make a significant impact on the way I work etc. ...read more.

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