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Citizenship studies courework

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Citizenship Coursework For my citizenship coursework I have decided in a group to do a school based activity and teach Mr kreachers year seven, set four mathematics class. The reason I have chosen this activity is because it relates really well to this citizenship studies course as it will enable me to make a positive contribution to fellow students at my school by helping them learn, it will also help me to improve my citizenship skills because I will be able to play an effective role in the activity and it will also help me to understand how other people learn. The following people will be taking part in this activity with me: sam, jessica and taylor. Our main aim whilst carrying out this activity is to teach the students who most probably do find the subject (maths) quite challenging and help them learn, by doing this we aim to motivate the students and try to teach them something that they find difficult- possibly in a fun way, this again links to citizenship because it shows that we care about other members of our community (school) ...read more.


what we will do if a pupil doesn't co-operate etc. * Tell Mr Kreacher about the activity and arrange a suitable time and date for the activity. * Design questionnaire-hand out-analyse results * Decide what to teach the maths class and how we will do it in the time available-which will be approximately 50 minutes. By looking at my questionnaire results I have found out that the most people find algebra difficult so that is what me and my group are going to plan a lesson on now. My role in this activity will be to explain to the class how they have to do the worksheets-which will be on algebra. I will look at their answers and if they have gone wrong I will explain to them why they have gone wrong and what they should have done. Taylor's role will be to design the worksheets and I will help her and each one of us will have to check that each student knows what they are doing and we will help them if they are stuck. ...read more.


When doing this citizenship activity we all had different responsibilities and everyone in the group did what they were supposed to: actively participated in the activity, discussed together what we had to do, made decisions together and listened to everyone's viewpoint etc -these are all good citizenship skills and that is why our activity was successful because we all cooperated with each other and worked together. Overall I think our planning was very good because it helped us to keep on task and know exactly what we had to do and without it I don't think we would have been able to do this activity well at all. I did enjoy this activity and I also enjoyed working in a group with other people because we all got on well and listened to each other's ideas. However, in order to improve the activity I think we could have extended the time of the lesson a bit because we felt that we could have got more done if we had had more time compared to the amount of time that we had. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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