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Describe some of the highs and lows of the week - Aim to bring to life each situation by describing the atmosphere, the event and your reactions - Avoid writing a simple chronological account.

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Year 10 GCSE-Original writing linked to Work Experience 2. Describe some of the highs and lows of the week. Aim to bring to life each situation by describing the atmosphere, the event and your reactions. Avoid writing a simple chronological account. I finally had the chance to see what life is like out of school, and what life will be like in the future. Sotheby's Billingshurst and to Sotheby's Olympia in London was where I went for my one week work experience. It was a truly enjoyable experience and an excellent opportunity to see how the business operates, and also an opportunity for me to learn. The best part of the week was taking part in a live auction. The least exciting task was helping the gallery staff, as this only involved patrolling the gallery. The auction was the highlight of the week. It was a two day sale selling mostly garden statuary, but there were also some very interesting Jurassic fossils. ...read more.


Overall the total money from the auction was over a million pounds. Another experience I liked was going to Sotheby's Olympia in London. The reason for this is fewer sales take place at Billingshurst, so there is more happening in Olympia. The day began when I joined other commuters at the train station on the 6.45am train to Kensington Olympia. I quickly realised that this must be the most tedious and time consuming part of the working day. I thought how soul destroying this would be to have to repeat this journey every day of a working lifetime. When I got off the train everyone seemed to be rushing to where they were going. The pace of life had changed and I was aware that I was in the fast moving centre of a huge capital city. When I arrived at Olympia it surprised me to see the size of the building where this international company was based in stark contrast to the Victorian manor house in the Sussex countryside where I had my first taste of the auction business. ...read more.


I also had to do several jobs at once, unlike school where I would be doing one. I found it more tiring than school, and would have to go to bed earlier than I normally would. There were a lot of mundane jobs that had to be done that were not very interesting, but a necessary part of the smooth running of the day to day business. There were also unexpected interruptions that stopped me in the middle of some jobs. The most thrilling part of the week was undoubtedly the live auction, with a room full of people listening to the auctioneer who had complete command of the auction. It was staggering to think that people could even afford the items on offer, and it made me aware of the different life styles people experience, for example; it was an every day event for clients to drop in by helicopter. The hardest part was the long hours, as I am not used to them. My work experience was very rewarding and enlightening, and I was disappointed to see the week over. ...read more.

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