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Discuss the importance of children making choices in their play.

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´╗┐Unit 8 A* - Discuss the importance of children making choices in their play. Issues that could be considered might be that the children are young and can?t make up their mind enough, even though it?s good to let children make choices the adults are to support the child helping and reassuring the child. Some children are more confident playing in a set activity; any child who is not as confident has to be helped and giving motivation to help their development. ?Children like to feel the same as others; living with a medical condition may make a child feel different? Tassoni p, (2007) childcare and education 3rd edition page 60. When giving children the opportunities to make choices you make them feel in control and help to build up their self-esteem, children need to make choices to develop their understanding of the world and know how to handle their self, not encouraging them to make choices might lead them to misbehave or rebel. Choices enhance their imagination; play can consist of amusing or imaginative activity for independent play or with others. The rites of play are evident throughout nature; it helps in their social development. In a classroom it?s important for the children to choose what activities they would like to do, according to Piaget?s constructivist principles if they can make their own decision they will be self-motivated and they will not feel the need to break rules behind the teachers back. ...read more.


They can also choose what shape pasta there are. C1 ? description of a resource that supports spontaneity and choice The beads support the children?s element of choice because there are different beads of shapes and size a colour; it supports their spontaneity because each child?s jewellery will be different and unique. D7 ? how does this activity meet the individual needs of the children? This activity can be for all children. Children with allergies may not be able to do the painting part of the activity. Children with learning needs can take part with the help and supervision of an adult because they might not fully understand what to do so the adult can support and encourage them. B1 ? explain how the activity can be extended to meet individual play needs. To extend this activity you could use the pasta for different things. Getting a box and gluing the pasta onto it. Making pictures with the pasta. The children could use the left over pasta as food in a food tray. This activity is suitable for a child with learning needs because it?s supervised by an adult, the child will get help. Investigative play D1 ? describe the activity A mini house. The equipment needed: Long piece of cardboard or card Scissors Paint Pencil The practitioner will cut a large will cut a large rectangular shape out of the card and cut on opening as a door. ...read more.


Looking out for hazards and talking to the children letting them know that their doing a good job. The practitioner will talk to the children helping their play making them know that they are playing the correct way and asking the children questions, and making sure that they are behaving appropriately and taking turns. D6 ? explain how this activity provided for children?s choices This activity provided for children?s choices because if they didn?t want to participate in the activity there are other things that they can do. They could have chosen the type of ball we used. C1 ? description of a resource that supports spontaneity and choice There are no resources involved in this activity, only a ball. This does not support spontaneity or choice. We could give the children who were ?tag? a belt to make them more aware of their role, the children also has a choice of which balls they want to use for example a small tennis ball or a rugby ball. D7 ? how does this activity meet individual needs of the children? This activity does not meet learning needs for all children, for example children who have to be in a wheels chair will find it more difficult to take part, children with learning needs could take part, assisted by a practitioner. B1 ? explain how the activity can be extended to meet individual play needs This activity can be extended by adding another ball so that 2 people can be ?tag? at the same time. Page of ...read more.

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