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DT report

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Design Brief In this project I will design an apparatus which will hold a test-tube, basically as a showpiece. Even though test tubes are usually used to hold variables in science, I will be using it as a flower holder. My new boss at the company has asked me to make a flower vase, and has decided that the newest item in the store will be a test-tube flower vase. He has asked me that it has to be commercially viable, which will totally depend on my target audience. My main target audience in this project is the general female adult, because it would be the best area to sell a flower vase. This is because showpieces in stores are mostly bought by the female adult who wants to make a place look good by its presence. I'm choosing this audience because they are the ones that most commonly use vases, and it is the place where I can make the most money. In order to do this, I will go through a whole process which is in this project. I will start of with researching existing examples, researching materials and I will go on to survey a group of people and I will go on to use the results in order to plan my design. ...read more.


This shows that ferrous metals are the ones that contain iron whilst non-ferrous don't. This is a common way of dividing metal because it is the easiest way to decide which kind of metal you need, because the differences between these two groups are clear and obvious. Ferrous metals are the ones that usually rust, and they are the stronger and heavier. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals are the ones that don't rust because they don't contain iron, and are lighter and softer. Non-ferrous metals are those which are a mixture of metals (known as alloys) and do not have iron. Examples of them would be copper, aluminium and brass. Brass is an example of an alloy because it is a combination of copper and zinc. Examples of ferrous metals include: tin plate, cast iron and mild steel. Plastic: Plastics are a general group of apparatus that are created by the combination of oil, salt, air and water. Plastics are defined as a group of (natural) organic or synthesized materials that can be shaped when soft and later when they are hardened. The word plastic is derived from the word plasticity because of the fact that many of them malleable. ...read more.


Answer/Decision : Choice A : 8 x 4 cms 5 Choice B: 3 x 6cms 2 Choice C: 5 x 10cms 3 Choice D: Normal size of flower vase 5 Choice E: Large size of flower vase 2 Choice F: Small size of flower vase 4 Question No. 5: What shape would you prefer? Answer/Decision : Choice A : Square/cube 4 Choice B: Triangle/pyramid 2 Choice C: cylinder 6 Choice D: rectangle 3 Choice E: Any kind of parallelogram 5 Choice F: diamond/rhombus 1 Specifications/justifications * My test-tube holder will not break if it falls on the ground. * It will have a 2-D square base to keep it firm, as the survey is also evident of that. * My test-tube holder will put through the combination of the themes of love and hearts (probably through the use of a heart shape) and that of flames and fire. * My test -tube holder will be a cylindrical form/shape. * The colour theme will be mainly that of red ad orange. * The size of my test-tube holder will fit the test-tube itself perfectly and the shape will hold it firm and still whilst standing. * The size of the vase will have a ratio of about 1:3, in terms of width: length. * The test-tube holder will look attractive, and the colour theme may change according to that. ...read more.

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