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Duke of Edinburgh

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The Police were to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper, use the sources and your own knowledge. Many people believe that the police were to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper, but there are many reasons to believe they are not. Firstly the area in which the murders took place was Whitechapel and there are many factors of Whitechapel that could lead us to suggest that the police were not to blame for not capturing Jack. One of these factors is Whitechapel geographical structure, we know from previous knowledge that Whitechapel consisted of many alleyways and back routes. Source E supports this in stating 'are connected by a network of narrow, dark and crooked lanes; when referring to Whitechapel's assembly. Source E, which is part of an article, originated from after the second murder committed by jack and this infers that it would be reasonably accurate in its descriptions of Whitechapel. Another source that supports my previous knowledge is source I, a map that presents these narrow passage ways to us that venture far from the main road. If there are many dark passages for Jack to slip into, this makes it much harder for the police to catch him in the act as ...read more.


It is thought that Jack had local knowledge of the area of Whitechapel. This meant it would have been easy for Jack to have quickly escaped down one of those dark back routes in total awareness of where it would lead him. Jack also chose his appearance wisely, we know from previous knowledge that Jack did not wear clothes that made him stand out and source D supports this in Elizabeth Long's description of a man she saw talking to Annie Chapman before she was killed. This may have been Jack and in describing what he was wearing she used phrases like 'deerstalker hat' and 'dark coat'. These pieces of clothing she described would've meant Jack was well camouflaged to suit the dark streets of Whitechapel and his face wouldn't have been seen when hiding under that deerstalker hat. This would decrease the ability to identify Jack and describe him to the police, making their investigation harder. This was not the police's fault and as we can see Jack is making it very hard for the Police to get a decent witness. The youth of the police force also had some responsibility for not imprisoning Jack the Ripper. ...read more.


that Jack the Ripper could have been a doctor that did not originate from Whitechapel. If the police made sure that their questioning was done thoroughly Jack may have been caught. The police also wasted time by questioning these slaughterers and butchers as Source B, which is part of the coroner's report concerning the death of Polly Nicholls, states "No mere slaughterer of animals could have carried out these operations". And in questioning these groups of people the police are not taking action on the evidence given to them. Overall I do not believe the police are to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper. This is because the environment and the nature of Whitechapel had a negative effect on the case making it much harder for the police, which were already under a lot of pressure and already against a very intelligent killer. Although this is what I believe there are also reasons to suggest the police were to blame for not capturing Jack such as the dismissal of important evidence and the high level of crime before these incidents took place, but I also think these are fractionally justified by their lack of experience. ...read more.

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