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For my work experience I went to Savers in Bulwell.

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Work Experience Report For my work experience I went to Savers in Bulwell. The work that is done there is facing up mopping the floor and sweeping the floor about half an hour before the shop closes. Also on the delivery days, which are Tuesday and Thursday, I had to stock shelves, which took all day because I had to undo boxes and packaging then put the things on the shelves. Then I had to break down all the boxes that I had undone. Also tills are used there to scan the products. The differences between a day at school and a day a work are that at school it is more laid back and you are sitting most of the time. ...read more.


Throughout the week I was expected to turn up on time every day. Also I was expected to wear the company top what they supplied for me. I was also expected to act like an adult. I was expected to be back on time after my two 15 minutes breaks and my hour dinner break had finished. I was also expected to work as hard as the people that worked there and to talk to customers politely. For a full time newcomer that as just left school they would have to unpack the delivery, also they would have to do facing up, mopping and sweeping up everyday. ...read more.


When I was there I did not like the heat I was working in it made me really tiered and dizzy. I also did not like it that I was there for about 8 hours every day it was very tiring. I would have enjoyed it more if I could have used the tills more. I learnt that it is not as easy as it looks to work in a shop full time. There is always something for you to do whether it is stocking shelves facing up or on the till. Now I have experienced what work is really like I feel that I would not want to take up working in a shop full time because it is hard work and tiring ...read more.

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