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For my work experience I went to work in a music shop called Broadway music, which sells everything from reeds to guitar strings. They mainly specialise in guitars. This shop was located in Rayners Park

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My work experience For my work experience I went to work in a music shop called Broadway music, which sells everything from reeds to guitar strings. They mainly specialise in guitars. This shop was located in Rayners Park which is an area close to my school and an area which I know pretty well and turned out to be very convenient for me! The shop was run by a couple called Karen and Collin I new them quite well because I go into the shop regularly and plus I know there son because we play in the Merton music foundation which is a well established music centre for youths who live or go to school in the borough of Merton. These two people were to be my boss for the next week, I was quite glad about that fact because I knew them and I had a sense of security about me plus I new they where nice friendly people. There were about five people working there all there running the shop and there was two of us on work experience both with the same name funnily enough. On the first day I arrived at around 9:50 and I had to wait for the other boy to arrive. ...read more.


The lady who served me was quite friendly. I finished getting the coffee and then I stepped outside. When I did I saw some one I knew it was one of my friends from the Merton music foundations dad. We had a little chat even though I felt I was meant to get back soon! When I had returned to the shop I sat around again for a bit. After about ten minutes I got another little job which was to prepare the parcels. I didn't mind this job because at least it was killing time. Today I got acquainted with another member of staff his name was James I had seen him before at the Merton music foundation but I had never really spoken to him. Throughout the day I got little side jobs like empty the bins at the back. Later in the day I had to go out and get some jiffy bags in the shop just down the road. I entered the shop and it was all dark and there was no one at the counter. I must have stood there for about five minutes and then when I finally plucked up the courage to shout "hello" the man who ran the shop came round from the back of the shop and served me. ...read more.


I had to answer about three phone calls I was much better at coping with it then I thought I would be. The next job I had to do was a quite long task I had to clean the guitars. I was a bit cautious because the guitars I was handling were expensive. I coped with it well though. When the day came to an end I had to get my work experience diary signed. I got Collin to sign it. He gave me a satisfactory and I kind of agreed with it to. He said that I was too young for work experience so I couldn't do all the things and they didn't have time to give me constant supervision. Overall I enjoyed my work experience I learnt things about my self even if I didn't enjoy every aspect of the work experience. I think that the disadvantages of work experience are that the employers don't really have many jobs for you to do, because there are a lot of limitations. I think that year 10 students are too young to do work experience. And you're missing school in a busy term of the school year. The advantages are that you get to learn a lot of things about your self. And that you get to learn communication skills. ...read more.

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