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GCSE English Coursework

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GCSE English Coursework Work Experience I awoke on the first morning of my work experience tired as usual. I was looking forward to it but nervous at the same time. At least I could put casual clothes on instead of uniform seen as I would be working in the workshop for the first week and would be wearing a suit. As my dad owns the company I would be working at for the next two weeks, he was my transport. What the company does it to transport food from farms across the UK, and deliver using lorries to supermarkets. We left at roughly 7.30am, which was 15 minutes earlier than usual so I wasn't very happy with that. I was working in Royston at a place called Funstons, which my granddad had founded. As we pulled into the gates my dad took me straight up to the workshop to find the person I would be working with, his name was Dave Brown, we got introduced and then I was left with him for the next week. The first thing we did was jump into a truck and drive down to the test station to get the trailers MOT this was quite boring. When we got back the next thing I had to do was to put some sat nav into some of the trucks because they have been stolen before, so that was quite fun knowing where it goes and making sure that drivers cant get them out. ...read more.


the truck, and he said that there is a bad leak and it needs to be replaced, so he went and came back with a heap of tools and a new head gasket and I watched him fit it, it was really cool, after a couple more trailers had been tested with me under them a new mechanic had come in and he was driving the trailer out of the workshop and parking it, but when he had dropped the trailer he forgot to take of the air pipe and he pulled forward and luckily the 1inch thick tube snapped before the trailer fell over, it nearly did as well, the legs started to fold. And for the rest of the last day in the workshop I fixed about 5 lights on the trailers and tilted a cab, looked like it was going to snap off. And that was the end of my week in the workshop. My summery of the first week in the workshop, it was a really good experience and I learnt a lot about trucks and some of the parts that were broken in the week, I shall consider working in a workshop when I'm older, it was a really fun experience. Its now my second week and I thought that this week would be quite boring, because its office work. ...read more.


from the yard at 2.30pm to go to one of the schools, it bran back fond memories of primary school when I was there, all the little kids begging me to let me sit at the back of course I couldn't let them. Yr 6s bullying yr4s for a toy aeroplane, it was great fun and made me feel like a little child again. So at the end of the day when we had dropped of all the kids I got home at 4pm which was really good because that meant I could go out with my friends before it got dark, which was a really good end to my work experience. I found my work experience at Funstons a great one; I liked working in the workshop, it was great fun and I had a really good time, at least now if I choose to become a mechanic I wont be as bad as I was when I started there. I though that the office work would be boring but it wasn't it was quite funny, a got along with all the employees and now I can make great cups of tea and coffee and I can moan at people to bring in their paperwork quite well as well. All in all I had a good work experience and would consider working alongside my dad in the future. ...read more.

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