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Health&Social care work experience

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Interpersonal skills: Strengths& Weaknesses For this task I will describe the types of interpersonal skills I used at the placement. I will describe my strengths and weaknesses that there was there, and how I could improve them at a future time, and also how well I used it for my strengths. I worked with the year 1's and Year 2's, however I also worked with the staff at the placement. I used the necessity skills that were suppose to be used to assist effective communication with the children and the staff, such things as eye contacting with the children. I used this very well, this was one of my strengths because the children they interacted and the conversations went well between us, it was a very powerful tool when used to communicate with someone. Below shows a number of interpersonal skills: * Speaking effectively * Listening * Motivating * Cooperating * Delegating with respect * Showing enthusiasm to achieve your goals * Body language * Eye contact * Facial expression Weaknesses Speaking effectively- I think this was one of my weaknesses. I think that for getting my points and opinions I needed to speak louder and clearer. This would have directed and made my feelings and opinions clearer to the person I was communicating with mainly with the staff. So I think that this I can learn from for the future and speak more effectively and louder to get my points across. ...read more.


For example when a child comes in obviously upset, making sure to find a quiet time then or sometime that day to help explore those feelings. I think that listening to the children and understanding the staff by listening and maintaining good communicating was one of my main strengths. I think that I listened to the staff and my supervisor very good, and I have understood the importance of listening to individuals both children and parents because listening leads to understanding, answering questions and underlying meaning when not understood. So overall listening to the staff and the children is and was a very useful skill to adhere at all times to make sure communication was used effectively. Motivating- I think that motivation is another important skill that is used within many different places, to help people achieve individuals full potential. Motivating someone helps them to achieve their goals. I think that I motivated the children in many ways, so they could concentrate on their work. Motivating the children was another important skill that I thought was one of my main strengths. The children needed help at times with their work motivating them and helping them understand that they can do their work it was a very beneficial way of achieving my outcome and overall the children's outcomes of going to school. Foe example sometimes the children would feel as if they don't know what they are doing and they would get distracted, at times like ...read more.


I had to show that I was willing to do what I asked, so I smiled and showed that I was willing to help the children for example. The children also look at your face for reactions from what they said, they usually wait for an answer or simply a face reaction, so I made sure that I used a positive facial reaction towards the children, basically to show them that they could open up and talk to me about problems or work for example. Body language- Body language is an important part of communication which can constitute half or more of what we are communicating. Body language can give out our emotions at times I tried to effectively read body language, and identify the emotions and discomfort of the children or staff. My supervisor asked me to do things such as taking the children to assembly, and I would show her by using body language that I could and was willing to do what I was asked. Since I was at work placement I was suppose to listen and interact with my boss/ supervisor so she could thing that I was approachable and enthusiastic and keen to learn and do things that individuals are asked to do at work. This skill was a very important skill to use so that emotions were given out and that I interacted with her and also to show confidence in myself which told her that was very mature because I was keen on doing things I was asked to do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Work experience unit ...read more.

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