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How I survived for two weeks without the love and care of my teachers.

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How I survived for two weeks without the love and care of my teachers What will happen on the first day? How will I cope? What if I make a mistake? My nerves shook me the weekend before the Work experience, I was nervous but at the same time I was also excited. When I found out I was working in Peacocks, I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't have a clue what kind of jobs I would be doing or how I was going to cope. Luckily I had a friend working with me so I knew that I wasn't the only one working in Peacocks, as a result I wasn't too nervous. On the first day I was feeling very anxious and worried. I had to plan my journey, think of what to wear and think about my lunch. I thought to myself this is just the gist of the adult life and I was already finding it difficult. I didn't know how everyone would react to me. Would they accept me? Would they just use me? As I reached the shop I found out that the shop was closed. I suddenly started to panic. I could feel the Adrenaline pumping through my body.


The two hours that went by seemed like a whole week. Then finally it was finished. The manager walked in all hyped up. Suddenly she started asking us questions about the video. All the students got their questions right. Then it was my turn. I started sweating and my body temperature rose rapidly. It felt like I was drowning in my sweat. What do you do if you see a shoplifter steal something? My throat went dry. I felt I was dehydrating. "Tell him to stop and run after him." The words came out waterless and all the work experience students stared at me. All of a sudden their hands shot up. At this point I realised I had given the wrong answer. I felt embarrassed and stupid. I should have concentrated on the video like the other students. I was thinking of what kind of impression I had set. But the manager never said anything. We were shown around the shop and introduced to all the staff. I remember one particular man named Mohammed. He seemed very understanding and responsive. I thought if I had any problems then I would come to him for help. We were then taken to the stock room. We were given our first task of the day. We had to unpack stock and put them in order of size on the rails.


I felt used and rejected. There was one major event that took place during the work experience. I went to prayer one day during my lunchtime thinking I could go prayer and still have another one-hour lunch after prayer. I came back from lunch only to find that the manager was waiting by the entrance to shout at me. She told me that I had to plan my prayer time around my lunchtime. I felt hurt and rejected inside at this point, as it was only a mistake and I realised the harshness of the working life. At this point I wanted the week to finish quickly and I couldn't wait to finish my work experience. I think that my work experience didn't really go as well I wanted to. I didn't really get a variety of jobs to do and I feel that I was only used. The work experience did give me a little in sight of the working life but I don't think I really gave me the whole picture. But I do think that I have become more confident with communicating with other people that I don't know. I think this is the only valuable thing I have achieved from my work experience. In the future I do not wish to work as a sales assistant in a clothing shop due to my experience in Peacocks. By Uwaish Patel 11WA

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