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How to paintball

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Steven Pennett English 101-16 How to play paintball at a professional arena Have you ever dreamed of what playing professional paintball is like? Well it's just as fun as it looks. Although it takes strategy to play, it is also a really good way to relieve all of your aggression. There is a huge difference between just playing paintball in the woods, and playing at a professional arena. There is actually three or four professional courses located here in Worcester. The most popular being, Fox Four Paintball, and Vietnam Paintball. If you are going to play at these places, you are going to have to know the basic rules and guidelines before you are placed into action. The first step is to check out local fields. Some things to look for are, the amount of referees to players, goggle signs, barrel plugs and personality of the staff. Usually, playing fields are crowded on the weekend. Most fields will open during the week for a group of twenty or more, but do you should ask first. ...read more.


This area usually has tables to set your equipment on. After picking up the equipment from the staff, the referee will show you a demonstration on how the guns work, how to fill the hoppers (what holds the paintballs) and most importantly safety issues. The first is, everyone synchronizes their guns to be certain no one is shooting "hot" which means over 300 feet per second. Secondly, always wear goggles. Eye injuries are the biggest injury risk of playing paintball and wearing goggles hopefully will prevent it. Thirdly, keep the barrel plug in the gun until the game begins. That way if your finger accidentally pulls the trigger the barrel plug slows down the speed of the paintball and likely will not cause an injury. The playing fields have different themes. Most common are speedball courses with tires or tubes for bunkers. Fort and western city themes are also common. After walking to the playing field, everyone is given armbands to wear, a different color for each team. ...read more.


The referees are there to help. If you feel a paintball hit but are not sure if it broke, call for a paintcheck. If shot, put your hand on your head, gun in the air and quickly get off the playing field or you may be shot again. Typically, the games are elimination, which means, whichever team eliminates the other wins. After the game is over the teams go back to the staging area. While there, be sure to wipe off any hits from the last game so a referee does not pull you the next game for an old hit. Secondly, fill the hopper with paint and the marker with air, which is usually Co2, if needed. After everyone is ready, the next game will start. Expect to play six to eight games in a four-hour session. Also, you are aloud to leave whenever you want, you don't have to be there. Overall, there is a huge difference between playing paintball in the woods, and playing at a professional arena, although they are both fun, its up to you to choose. ...read more.

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