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It was Wednesday 17th June 2002. Finally the day had come. The feeling of excitement and anticipation

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HOLLAND, PARIS AND BELGIUM TRIP It was Wednesday 17th June 2002. Finally the day had come. The feeling of excitement and anticipation was overwhelming. I had been picked just over six months beforehand. I was going to Holland, Paris and Belgium with my school. One whole week with all my friends, visiting four of Europe's best theme parks including a trip up the Eiffel Tower and a boat trip along the River Seine. This was sure to be the best trip I had ever been on. It was the morning of my departure and I was absolutely bursting with excitement. I woke up at 4:30 that morning. I ran and woke my mum and told her to get ready and take me to the school. We took a taxi down and arrived just after 7.00am so obviously I was the first person there. Not even the teachers had arrived. Within thirty minutes nearly everyone was there and I was asked to help put some things onto the coach. We said our goodbyes and off we went. The coach was taking us to Hull where we would board a ferry. It took us just over five hours to get to Hull, including a few stops we had at service stations. When we arrived at Hull we waited a while before boarding the P&O Ferry "Pride of York". ...read more.


We got our room keys and went to up to get unpacked. The room was quite small and cramped but there was only going to be two people sharing the room. After we got unpacked we went down for our dinner, which I didn't really feel like as I was feeling miserable after being sick on the journey to the hotel. The meal was a local delicacy "apparently", which was Chicken and a tasteless white sauce. That night we went down to Valkenburg and spent the night roaming around. Feeling a bit tired from the long journey, we all went back to the hotel to go back to bed. The next morning was the day I had been waiting for. The day we were visiting the first theme park. I was so excited about going. The theme park was De Efteling, which was on the border of Holland and Belgium. When we got off the coach we heard a sort of childish "Disney" music, which made us laugh. There was a massive queue but we didn't have to wait to get in. There was a short talk from the teachers about the do's and don'ts around the park and then we broke up into groups of fours or fives. The rides were absolutely amazing! I am terrified of heights but still went on the rides because my friends were there. ...read more.


Not having been on it for two years made me a little nervous but I knew what to expect and I loved every minute of it. All the other rides were similarly good. My personal favourite was a wooden roller coaster called "Tonnerre de Zeus" It was very fast and gave us a real adrenalin rush as we waited in anticipation in the queue. Although I thought Disneyland was just for younger kids I was proved very wrong. There was everything from backwards looping roller coasters to Disney Parades through Main Street USA, Conventional fast food bars to fully themed restaurants. I really enjoyed myself at this park and would definitely like to go back. Most nights when we were in Valkenburg, we went down into the town. There weren't many shops but there were plenty of bars and restaurants. There was also an amusement arcade where most of us spent our nights. We used this time at night to phone back home and let everyone know how good of a time we were having. When we went to Paris we normally went to Disney village which was a themed adventure, shopping village. This was the best school trip I had ever been on and the Theme Parks were absolutely amazing. My Favourite ride would have to be the goudrix in parc asterix. I will definitely be taking my niece there when she is old enough and I am certain she will love it as much as I did. ...read more.

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