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My Work Experience

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My Work Experience Before My Work Experience During the summer holiday, I kept thinking about what sort of work I was going to get as it was not fully confirmed before I left for the summer holidays. I received a letter from the school explaining where I was going to be working and my Job Description and Hours, etc. The company I was going to be working for was 'Jacobs Babtie' which is one of the leading technical and management consultancies operating in transport and development, environment, property and structures, and partnerships and outsourcing markets both in the UK and internationally. The job description was very unattractive as it described that I was going to be putting 'PC input' which was okay but then carried explaining printing maps, photocopying, etc which I rather boring. Right from the start I wanted a place related with computers, so where did they place me a place related with computer. In some ways I was looking forward to be working with computers but in some ways I dint want to go as it dint like doing photocopying or printing all day. ...read more.


Basically on the sheet would be where the potholes where and I would have to plot them on 'GWings". All through that day I carried on plotting which passed my time and had finished the day. All through the week except for Friday I was given the same thing to do which was given the same thing to do which was plotting potholes into the database. Jatinder and other staff would check on me if I was aright. As they had an inspector which would go out investigating the roads they had loads of sheets coming in everyday which would keep be busy everyday. On Friday I thought I would be doing the old boring thing but Jatinder decided that he would give me change and send me next door which was the lab, firstly I wasn't too happy as I didn't have the right dress code and would get my hands dirty but any way I dint complain. The lab would experiment the tarmac and gravel thy put on the floor to see if it was okay and suitable. ...read more.


Now it was Thursday and had go use to the routine of getting to work at 9:30 and doing the work. Same as last week I was given a change and went into the lab and now they got use to me and I got use to the work so I got on with the work and they expected me to be like any other worker so I was rushed of to my feet that day. After Work Experience Not knowing Thursday was going to be my last day I had a great time and learned many skills. In some way I felt really happy I wasn't going to be doing that work again but in some ways I felt bad not going on the last day. I found the work experience to be a very good learning experience. This week has shown me how different working in the real world is compared to school. The working day is longer and I now feel that the school hours are much easier to cope with. I am quite pleased with what I have done this week and I will leave with new skills. I have developed many new skills both technical knowledge and personal skills. Haroon Iqbal ...read more.

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