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My Work Experience.

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Johan Kelly GCSE citizen coursework My Work Experience. introduction: When i first heard that we had to do work experience i thought it was a good opportunity to see what it was like to work in a proper working environment. I was told that i would have to work for a week in one of the listed jobs that the borough of Broxbourne had chosen or we could pick our own job and just tell the school the details so they could check that it was a safe working environment. I chose to work with my dad in an office helping him with his job as the supervising manager because i thought it would be relevant to what I'm going to be doing in the near future so its best i learn sum skills now , so that I'm ready for "the working world" in the future when I've finished all my studies at school ,college , or university. The first thing i had to do was get the information for the slip to hand into school , as soon as i got the slip off the school i came home and got my dad to fill in all the details of the company and workplace. ...read more.


so we had to change there details, this took sometime, but we eventually found them and changed there details, but after we shut down the program someone phoned up an it had seemed that we had other workers who had there details wrong or had moved houses so we needed to go through all the folders again to find these workers. Just before we left the office to go home, the phone rang an we needed to go back onto the computers and enter a new employee onto the data base. Third day: I think this day was the hardest because we had to get up even earlier! We got up at 5 o'clock which I though was a bit ridiculous but we had to do it, long day ahead. Luckily we where early because there wasn't much traffic so we stopped and parked up by the office and popped into the nearest cafe an had a massive fry up, this was an upside to the day. All day in work I was just scanning and photocopying documents to be stored an then had to file all the documents in alphabetical order which was very boring, the best part or the day was lunch when we went out for a lovely meal at starbucks cafe! ...read more.


Conclusion: After this week's experience I think I have learnt a lot and it will help me when I leave school and get a job because I think I will be working in a office or something along the same lines. So I would say that work experience is a very good idea and that it's a very good chance to start learning about life when u leave school so that you can get the best job available to you and so you actually know what your doing. In an office you need to be able to use all the programs and know how to file and find everything so that you can work to your best ability. Computers are also used in nearly every job now days so I think in work experience if you learn to use all the right programs an data sources so you shall find it a lot easier when it comes to finding a job, plus if u do a good job while there (depending where u go) they might offer you a job for when u leave school or when you get your national insurance number , which you will get maybe a couple of months before your 16 ,to work full time or maybe just part time. ...read more.

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