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My Work Experience

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My Work Experience Before my work experience placement, I was confused and could not decide what to do. I was interested in doing everything from office work to teaching, but I finally managed to find myself a placement in retail at Boots in St. Georges Shopping Centre, Harrow. My hours were 10am to5pm, Monday to Friday. To get this placement, I personally went in, and asked if they would take me. When I first went there I met Sanjay (the store manager), whom I talked to, about it. He gave me their address and told me that they would take me in, as long as I had a letter from school. I was over joyed; as this was the first shop I went to and got the placement. All my worries of getting the placement were over. It was like passing a GCSE exam. After that all the official letters and forms were completed by our work experience coordinator, Mrs. Lunan and I received an official conformation letter, after a long wait in May. All I had to do now, was to wait, wait and wait as I had received conformation two months before. ...read more.


Looking back at my first day, I would like to say that it was not the kind of first impression I had expected of stepping into the real working world. I only blame it on one bad person, Sundeep who acted selfish and ruined my first day by giving me so much heavy work to do. The next two days were the same because we did nothing else but stack shelves. This was getting too repetitive and we decided to complain. We put forward our problems to Eileen and she said she would make sure we did different tasks and also change our supervisor. On Thursday Eileen told us to work with Varsha, in the pharmacy department. We were delighted to do something different. Varsha was helpful, gentle and respectful. Our task for the day was to clean up and arrange the medicines in alphabetical order. She also explained what some medicines were used for. It was tiring, but exciting as I learnt something new about medicines. We worked with her until 4.00pm and then she told us to 'pull forward' which means arranging all the products and pulling them forward, so that the customers can see them. On Friday we worked with Raj. He is a short, fat and a black-eyed man. ...read more.


He also gave us gifts as a token of appreciation. The gifts were shampoo and a gym bag. I thought the gifts were quite useful as they were things that I can use daily. The gym bag also reminds me of my work experience each and every time I use it. We took leave and went on to say goodbye to each and every member of staff. Looking back at my work experience I would say I enjoyed doing it. I only chose the placement as an experience and not as a career because I am interested in doing something much more challenging and complex, such as dentistry or forensic science. I would also like to add that I am very pleased with my choice, as it gave me a chance to see how tough the working life is and aim higher and harder to achieve the job of my dreams. The experience I got will also make it easier for me to find a part time job in a retail store while I am studying. Overall, work experience taught me to respect, communicate and work with others. These are very important skills, which will help me all my life, and I am glad to have acquired them. Dip Shah/10HO/Miss Simpsons 1 English Coursework/My work experience ...read more.

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