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My Work Experience Report

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My Work Experience Report For my work experience placement, I went to Barkers Riding Stables in Helmsley for both of the two weeks. At first I wanted to go to the stables for one week, and then to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough for the last week. My mind was strongly changed about going to the theatre when I heard things about it from my friends who had been there previously. I had heard that you didn't really get a chance to experience the acting career, instead spent more time in the cafeteria and box office. My work at the riding stables was fairly easy, and something I was used to from previous work with horses. To me, it was more like a holiday than a work placement, as I got to go riding nearly every day! Although, I have to say, that the work I did, if you were not as used to it as I am, it could have proved quite strenuous and tiring. The daily work I did was mucking-out the stables. This basically means cleaning all the dirty straw or bedding and muck out of the stables, and then either leaving the stable to dry out a bit, or bedding it back down with clean straw, and getting clean water and hay. ...read more.


The weekend staff were also really nice. I was expecting some of them to be a bit snobby, but they weren't at all. The riding stables are also a livery yard so I got to meet some of the people that had horses on livery there. They were all really nice. Also, I got invited out riding with them so I felt really privileged. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays the students from Ampleforth College come to ride. I didn't really get along very well with them because they all seemed really stuck up and kept Emma and me funny looks. Needless to say we just laughed at them. I think they got the picture! Other than my normal daily work, I also did some quite funny and interesting stuff. One of these things was, on a morning, if there were any rides going out in the day, then we had to go get the horses and ponies from the fields which are up a little lane, above the stables. When I had worked with horses before, id been taught just to lead them down from the fields by foot, so I was quite surprised when I found myself riding down the lane, on a racehorse with just a head collar and rope tied round its neck with another horse at either side of me! ...read more.


Sadly, a few days after my work experience finished, Tiggy died of a brain tumour. So that was quite upsetting. All through my placement I kept thinking about whether or not I wanted to pursue it as a career. All the employees were talking to me about it, and nearly all of them said not to choose horses as my first choice of career because there isn't hardly any money in it, and its very hard work, especially in winter. I think I will take their advice on that. They must know what it's like seeing as they are in the horse world themselves. I think I will keep riding and horses as a hobby. At the end of my placement my boss Chris offered me a job when I had finished school, gave me a free riding lesson, and he had been to a horse wear shop and bought me some new jodhpurs and boots! I was really happy, yet really annoyed that he had given me all of these presents. I can't wait to get into the world of work. Coming back to school after all that was really hard for me, but I found that my concentration levels have gone up, and I take a much more matured approach to the tasks I am given. Overall, my work placement has really opened my eyes as to what I want to do in later life, and influenced me to do well in my studies. ...read more.

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