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My work experience took place at Forbidden Planet, in the town centre

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Work Experience My work experience took place at Forbidden Planet, in the town centre, I didn't have any worries about going there but I would rather have worked in a different ship only because Forbidden Planet sells items which don't quite interest me such as; Star Wars, Buffy, Pokemon and also Yughio. I did try to get a self-placement however many shops didn't participate in work experience or they would require me to get a placement through the school. There were many shops where I would have liked to work, but for the shops own reasons they didn't allow work experience. I am interested in becoming a security guard however I wouldn't think that there would be any work experience for that category. I am not completely sure about what I would like to do when I am older but there are many things I may consider such as becoming a jeweller, a forensic investigator or something in the category of security. The first day of the week was Monday, id expect myself to have felt nervous however I wasn't, and the people I employees made me feel welcome when I had an interview and didn't look like they had a bad side to them selves. ...read more.


I looked forwards to my breaks as the shop doesn't get much business and is usually empty. I had to work from 9.00am till 5.00pm on the upper floor, which was fairly tiring because school hours are much shorter and I am used to them. everyday was pretty much the same as I was doing the same tasks everyday as wasn't allowed to do anything just because I was underage which I thought wasn't fair as I was part of the work team and as not getting to handle money , doesn't really showed that I worked in a shop. Everyday in the morning had to arrange all the games alphabetically, because customers on the previous day didn't put the games back where they found them. As the shop takes in trade ins, games which had been taken in also had to go back on the shelf. The main work which I did was tagging books and comics using the tagging gun, I enjoyed it at first but I began to find it bring as I was doing the same thing for the whole week. ...read more.


Although working in forbidden planet is an easy job and also money is being earnt easily, the employees were very young, which showed me that they hadn't made much out of their lived. There was one girl who was 18 and was working full time. I was quite shocked as there are older people who are 18 and are in full time education, and are hoping to become something in their future lives. I went into the week with no career ambitions and came out making a note of not to work in a shop where there is no future ahead for me and also not expecting anything new. I may consider Woking in a shop when I am older, just so I can earn some money on the weekends when I'm not doing anything. At the moment I am happy where I am. As I think ahead, I am not desperate to work because once you are in a shop , you have to do what the employer says without refusal and also each week will be the same; serving customers and putting stock on the shelves, where as other jobs have new things all the time. ...read more.

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