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Planning work experience.

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Citizenship Course work. Planning work experience. The citizenship activity was going on work experience. This involved researching different work places and your interests, deciding on a work experience placement that you would like to go to, skills required to type up a letter of application and CV. After this we went on work experience and experienced the working world. By going on work experience I aim to gain experience and find out if I am suited to this type of working environment and to also explore the working environment. I am also aiming to gain confidence by working independently, ensure I meet deadlines and complete all of my work to a good standard, co-operate with others when working in a group and identifying my own responsibility within the group, improve my confidence, be cheerful and enthusiastic, and gain awareness of my strengths and weaknesses. Soon after year 10 had begun I was told about work experience and shortly after I was told that it was now up to me to find a placement I would like to go to. I had not yet decided where I wanted to go on work experience and so I gave myself time to decide. ...read more.


the working world * To gain confidence by working independently * To ensure I meet deadlines and complete all of my work to a good standard * Co-operate with others when working in a team and identifying my own responsibility within a group. * To improve my confidence. * Be cheerful and enthusiastic at all times. * To be aware of my strengths and weaknesses. The placement Before going on work experience my expectations of the placement that I was going to were, a fairly large building divided into many offices, including people working independently, and also computer work with masses of paper work. However when I got to the placement I found that the jobs were very much based on working together in teams. There was also very little paper work and nearly all of the work was done on the computers. The Cheltenham and Gloucester department I went to was the head of mortgage processing. The main job of the building was to allow or disallow and process mortgages that had been applied for by Cheltenham and Gloucester's customers. Within the Building there were different department, which contained different teams. ...read more.


Going on work experience gave me a good experience and insight into the working world. I don't think I would enjoy working in an office environment everyday as I found it quite tiring and not very interesting so it would not be the right career path for me. I was able to find out that the basic skills required for the job were A levels in business, IT economics etc. and sufficient training from Cheltenham and Gloucester. However there were different jobs within the building such as care takers, cleaners, solicitors, and managers. You could also apply for the job if you have had experience from a similar job elsewhere. I was not offered a job, as I don't not have sufficient training or qualifications. The job has not encouraged me to get a job elsewhere or to go out into the working world. It also didn't encourage me to do a modern apprenticeship. Although it has given me more confidence and knowledge of going out to work. It has differed from my experience of school as it is slightly less informal, there are different jobs and activities to undertake, and you are not constantly learning everyday. The working world also involves longer and different working hours. I enjoyed the activity and was able to learn a lot from it. ...read more.

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